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Adobe Reveals Fresco, Its New iPad Drawing App

Adobe has revealed more about Fresco, its new drawing and painting app for the iPad and other tablets. Fresco has been designed to appeal to novice and experienced artists. And all you’ll need is the right hardware to run the app.

Adobe announced Fresco in October 2018, giving everyone a sneak peek of the software at Adobe Max 2018. At the time it was called Project Gemini, but Adobe has since rebranded it as Fresco. It’s now developed it to the point that it’s ready to show it off.

What Is Adobe Fresco?

In a post on the Adobe Blog, Adobe explains that Fresco is named after the Italian technique of applying pigment and water to drying plaster. The idea being that with Fresco, “When inspiration strikes, you have to act before the plaster dries.”

Fresco has been “built for the Apple iPad” with “versions for other stylus- and touch-based devices to follow”. And to differentiate it from the competition, Fresco will replicate how “chalk, oils, and watercolors” interact with “paper, canvas, and plaster”.

Adobe Fresco does this using Live Brushes, which use AI to “recreate the behavior of oils and watercolors in an amazingly lifelike way”. For example, using a watercolor Live Brush will cause the color to “bloom into adjacent areas of the paper”.

You’ll also be able to use Photoshop brushes in Fresco, including those created by Kyle Webster. You’ll also have access to vector brushes which create clean and crisp lines and shapes. Fresco will also offer layers and masking, and work with other Adobe products.

How to Test Adobe Fresco

Adobe is set to release Fresco later this year, but the company is currently testing the app with real users. If you want to get in on Fresco early you can apply to be part of the pre-release testing by clicking here and submitting your contact information.

As excited as you may be to fire up your iPad Pro and giving Adobe Fresco a go, there are plenty of other options when it comes to both hardware and software. So, with that in mind, here are the best graphic tablets and graphics programs for digital design.

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