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We think it is important to be clear and transparent around any revenue streams on our website, which is why TechChav would like to inform you of how we generate revenue on this website.

First lets ask what an affiliate is?

Affiliates are, in some way ‘partners’ to products, services or websites that offer a variety of sales options. Affiliates will help promote the partners goods or services and in return will earn a small commision on any referrals.

Whilst affiliates will be paid commissions for referrals, they do not work for the said partner, they will be a recommended choice to promote by the blog owner.

At Lee TV Official, we may recommend products or services we think you may be interested in. One of the popular choices for our affiliate partners are IPVanish VPN. For example, if you use one of our banners to purchase IPVanish , we will earn a small commision, which is payable by the affiliate partner, and not you!

So whilst you claim any discounts available, we also claim a small commision from the partner, at 0 cost to you! These affiliations help to invest in goods, products and services to improve your overall experience.


We will always be transparent and honest with our reviews, and would never recommend a product that we would not purchase ourselves!

If you have any questions around how this process works, please email us at [email protected]