You can now install Android TV OS on an Amazon Firestick

A Reddit user has shown how they have Android TV OS running on an Amazon Firestick with ROOT and Magisk installed. Here is how….

The Amazon Firestick is the most popular streaming device. It’s competition, the Nvidia Shield, which runs Google TV is the alternative TV OS to the popular FireTV OS by Amazon.

Whilst most user’s enjoy the FireTV layout, there are more user’s who prefer the look and layout of Android TV OS (now Google TV).

A Reddit user burcbuluklu, has shared how they now have Android TV OS running on the Amazon Firestick, and the only thing that doesn’t work is Google Assistance – you can still use Alexa instead!

Android TV OS running on Amazon Firestick

Here is what Android TV OS looks like running on the Amazon Firestick

Android TV ported to Amazon Firestick (with root)
Android TV ported to Amazon Firestick (with root)
Android TV ported to Amazon Firestick (with root)

How to install Android TV OS (Google TV) on Firestick

Here is the contents of the original post on Reddit:

After so many trial and error, I’ve finally saved the latest version of my system with TWRP backup. I want to share this personal setup with you guys since it required a lot of work to debloat, install add-ons, apps, kernels and tweaks.

This is a single package that contains many modifications from other threads made for simple, one-time installation. I tried to keep it close to Android TV (Nougat) experience.

However, I kept some of the Amazon software that I use like Alexa and Amazon Appstore.

Guides I found and used for this rom:

!!Please read these threads before you begin!!!!All credit goes to those developers!!!!Do at your own risk!!

Some Info:

  • Android Version: 7.1.2​
  • Fire OS Version:​
  • Working TWRP Version: 3.3.1-0​
  • Installed Magisk Version: 20.4​
  • Installed launcher: Google Leanback Launcher​
  • Available Internal Storage after installation: 3.15 GB​


  • Alexa
  • Voice Input of Amazon keyboard. (need to enable FireTV IME Keyboard from settings) (long press menu button for quick switch)
  • Amazon Settings
  • Fire TV Remote App (I highly suggest this app. Works perfect for navigation and keyboard input)
  • Amazon Appstore (You can install your previous paid apps from here. Search function in amazon appstore only works with alexa)
  • Google Play Store
  • Google Services
  • Magisk
  • Xposed
  • Recommendations on launcher
  • Kodi Audio Passthrough

Not working:

  • Google Assistant
  • Google Voice Search

Some useful apps that I installed (all can be uninstalled):

  • FX (file manager with root access)
  • Link2SD (app manager with root access. It lets you uninstall, freeze system apps or convert them to user apps and vice versa)
  • Xposed Edge (simple alternative to tasker or key mapper with root access. I’ve mapped long-press of back button to kill foreground app)
  • LeanKey Keyboard Pro (came with tsynik’s magisk module and I loved it)
  • Smart Youtube TV (modded youtube app that enables dozens of options. I’m using it to increase the playback speed of videos)
  • MX and VLC Player (to play local or online streams)
  • Aerial Dream TV (really nice screensaver that uses Apple TV visuals)
  • Prime Video, Netflix, Spotify (not to make the launcher look empty)

Installed magisk modules:

  • Xposed Framework (rovo89)
  • Google TV Apps for FireOS 6 (tsynik)
  • FireTV4k Selinux Fix (Pretoriano80)

Installed xposed modules:

  • Xposed Edge
  • AFTV-XM (tsynik)
  • AFTV-GAPPS-XM (tsynik)


  • OTG Adapter
  • USB Keyboard/Mouse
  • USB Stick Formatted Fat32
  • TV or Monitor
  • Firestick 4K

How to install:

  1. Be aware that your warranty will be void.
  2. Backup your files.
  3. Unlock bootloader and install twrp using this guide.
  4. Download and extract Firestick 4K Android TV TWRP Backup.rar to TWRP backups path on USB stick; TWRP > BACKUPS > G070VM0984752N1Q (use otg adapter and keyboard/mouse to navigate)
  5. Do a factory reset via TWRP
  6. Restore from TWRP backup that you prepared.
  7. Reboot to system.
  8. Connect to wifi and log in to your amazon account. (still using keyboard or mouse to navigate)
  9. Go to Settings > Fire OS > Controllers and Bluetooth Devices and pair your Fire TV remote. (now you can ditch the keyboard)
  10. Enjoy.


Additional Notes:

  • Developer options and USB debugging enabled.
  • OTA updates disabled.
  • Disable “Stay Awake” option in developer settings if you want the screensaver to start.
  • Long-press to back button kills the foreground app. It makes quitting activities easier.
  • Long-press to menu button opens fast keyboard switching window. It helps to switch to amazon keyboard when I use voice input.
  • You can change the launcher to whatever you want. I’m happy with Leanback Launcher. I didn’t try but there’s this.
  • Important: Never install magisk updates from magisk. Use TWRP.
  • If you want to create TWRP backup, select “System Image” and “Vendor Image” insted of system and vendor.
  • Suggestion: FX Web Access makes it easier to tranfer files.
  • Suggestion: I think keyboard from FireTV remote app and alexa’s speech to text input are the most efficient input methods if you don’t have physical keyboard.
  • tsynik said: Play Store downloads not fully compatible with Amazon download manager. In case apps won’t install from Play Store – uninstall Play Sore updates from ATV Settings.NOTE:You need to remove and readd Google account after module update.
  • Installed Netflix and Spotify apps are compatible with alexa.
  • I couldn’t make my dualshock 4 controller work with this device. Even with the stock system. Help would be appreciated.

Big thanks to:

  • @k4y0z and @xyz` for unlocking the bootloader.
  • @tsynik for building those life-saving magisk modules which is basicly the key of this build.
  • @Pretoriano80 for creating a kernel which supports SDCARDFS, exFAT, F2FS, Wireguard, Advanced TCP options, CIFS and NFS, Insecure ADB.
  • @bnevets27 for debloating script.
  • @Skel40 for build.prop tweaks to increase performance.

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