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Another Huawei P30 teaser emerges, promoting 'P for photography'

Another Huawei P30 teaser emerges, promoting 'P for photography'

Huawei’s P30 is three weeks away from launch but the teasers and leaks keep on coming.

The lastest comes in the form of an authorised teaser from Huawei Mobile aimed at a French language audience. When translated, the caption reads “Make things closer and brighter. The new #P30Series will be here on 26 March”.

The video shows off a stylised version of the phone’s name but doesn’t really reveal much more aside from the rather uninspiring slogan “P for photography”.

We already suspected there would be more than one phone, but this confirms it. Also, we guessed from its original teaser that the phone would most likely deliver an enhanced optical zoom – perhaps matching the 10x capability that Oppo was also showing off at Mobile World Congress.

By the time launch comes around there isn’t going to be a lot that’s surprising about the P30 Series – a bit like how we knew almost everything about the Galaxy S10 series thanks to leaky Samsung.

Our knowledge of the Huawei isn’t all due to leaks though; a lot we know about the P30 comes from having reviewed and used the Mate 20 Pro (which, in our opinion, is still the best phone out there at the moment). The hardware and software platform of the P30 and P30 Pro will be very similar to that model.

What we don’t know is whether there will be a version of the P30 that’s ready for 5G. We’re expecting so, but we don’t have information to definitely confirm that.

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