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Apple 2019 iPod Touch: What's the story so far?

Apple 2019 iPod Touch: What's the story so far?

Apple’s iPod Touch, which is the only iPod line that runs iOS, is on its last legs, having not been updated since 2015.

Apple also cut prices and reduced storage capacity options for the device in 2017. In fact, all signs point to Apple being done with iPod Touch altogether, choosing instead to focus on the iPhone and iPad. However, according to new reports, a seventh generation could be in the works.

Apple iPod Touch (2019): Release date

Apple could have a seventh-generation iPod Touch in the works, according to Japanese site Mac Otakara. Suppliers at CES 2019 reportedly told the site that a new model might be in development. Then, a few weeks alter, a new iPod Touch was spotted in a developer beta for iOS 12.2. There was a reference to “iPod 9,1,” which does not correlate to any known iPod Touch model, meaning it could be a next-generation model.

The current sixth-generation iPod Touch is listed as “iPod 7,1,” for comparison.

Apple iPod Touch (2019): Features



The US Patent and Trademark Office recently approved a trademark application from Apple for the term “iPod Touch”. It included protection for “Hand-held units for playing electronic games; Handheld game consoles” under International Class 28. That class covers games, toys, and sporting goods. The device was previously trademarked under International Class 9, for audiovisual and information technology equipment.

Also, as part of its application, Apple provided a screenshot of an iPod Touch overview page scrolled to the “Gaming” section. It’s unclear why Apple has done this, and why it chose to extend its trademark coverage to International Class 28. However, it’s reportedly working on a game subscription service, so if we speculated, Apple could be prepping a new iPod Touch to work with that upcoming game subscription service.

No Face ID or Touch ID

Unfortunately, the new iPod Touch spotted in the iOS 12.2 beta does not appear to have Face ID or Touch ID

Upgraded internals

There’s little information floating around about the next iPod Touch, but if we had to guess, it might come with a newer processor. The current sixth-generation iPod Touch maintained the same form factor introduced in September 2012, but when it arrived, it did so with new internals, including a jump from the A5 chip used in the previous generation to the A8 chip from the iPhone 6. It also added the M8 motion coprocessor.

Apple’s latest chip is the A12 Bionic, so it could conceivably get that processor, or a newer chip than the A8 at the very least. Finally, the sixth-generation iPod Touch includes a 1,043mAh battery. It’d be interesting to see this upped a bit.

Camera improvements

Again, there is no evidence to suggest this, but we think Apple could upgrade the camera on the iPod Touch. The sixth-generation iPod Touch added an 8-megapixel rear camera (up from 5 megapixels in the previous model), and it brought new slo-mo and burst mode features. The next iPod Touch could add a better rear camera, along with new camera tricks, although that’s just wishful thinking from us.

Apple iPod Touch (2019): Pricing

There’s been no indication how much Apple’s new iPod Touch would cost. Currently, the iPod Touch costs $199 for 32GB and $299 for 128GB.

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