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Apple Releases a Free Texas Hold’em Game for iOS

Apple has re-released its Texas Hold’em game for iOS. The new version adds improved visuals, new characters, and support for larger screens. The best thing is Texas-Hold’em is now completely free to play and devoid of in-app purchases. Making it a rare beast.

Apple’s original Texas Hold’em game was one of the first games available for the iPod in 2006. Then, when the App Store debuted in 2008, Apple released Texas Hold’em on the iPhone as well. It was then updated in 2009, before disappearing in 2011.

How to Play Texas Hold’em on iOS

Now, Texas Hold’em is back on iOS and the App Store where it belongs. It has been redesigned from the ground-up, with sharper graphics, more characters, and challenging gameplay. Which should help it appeal to a generation raised on mobile gaming.

Apple claims it has re-released Texas Hold’em to “celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the App Store”. However, it’s actually the 11 year anniversary, with the App Store originally launched in July 2008. Which is also when the game itself made its debut.

Still, ignoring the fact that the game has arrived a year late, it’s well worth playing. Especially as it’s available for free, unlike the original, which cost $4.99. Texas Hold’em is also free of in-app purchases. So you’ll only be spending virtual money this time around.

Download: Texas Hold’em for iOS

Other Free Mobile Games Worth Playing

Anyone who has ever played Poker in the real world should be able to pick up and play Texas Hold’em without any issues. Whether against the AI opponents or against friends over Wi-Fi. You may not be any good at it, but you’ll have fun finding out.

If Texas Hold’em doesn’t appeal then you should check out these other free mobile games that offer tons of content. Or, if Apple’s take on Texas Hold’em has given you a craving for old-skool gaming, here are some free retro mobile games for nostalgia junkies.

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