Full list of the best Kodi forks (UPDATED NOVEMBER 2018)


Are you looking for the latest (working) and best Kodi forks? This is the latest updated list of all the current Forks from Kodi 16.0-18 Leia

Download the Best Kodi Forks (UPDATED NOVEMBER 2018)

There are many Forks available for Android, Firestick, iOS and windows available! One of the best Kodi Forks as we know it, was SPMC, but sadly Koying ceased development and moved to another Media Center project.

What is a Kodi Fork? 

Well, simply put, it is another version of Kodi that is customised to look or feel different with the possibility for additional features, improvements, changes, or to have the ability to run multiple versions of Kodi on the same device (under a different name). Kodi/XBMC Foundation allows the use of Kodi Forks to be made public ally available. In fact one of my previous projects (Nodi) is referenced on their Forks page – Found here.

Here is a definition of a Fork….

The concept of forking a project has existed for decades in free and open source software. To “fork” means to take a copy of the project, rename it, and start a new project and community around the copy. Those who fork a project rarely, if ever, contribute to the parent project again. It’s the software equivalent of the Robert Frost poem: Two paths diverged in a codebase and I, I took the one less TRAVELLED by…and that has made all the difference.

There can be many reasons for a project fork. Perhaps the project has lain fallow for a while and someone wants to revive it. Perhaps the company that has underwritten the project has been acquired and the community is afraid that the new parent company may close the project. Or perhaps there’s a schism within the community itself, where a portion of the community has decided to go a different direction with the project. Often a project fork is accompanied by a great deal of discussion and possibly also community strife. Whatever the reason, a project fork is the copying of a project with the purpose of creating a new and separate community around it. While the fork does require some technical work, it is primarily a social action.

There have been many forks throughout the history of free and open source software. Some notable ones are MariaDB forking from MySQLNextCloud forking from OwnCloud, and Jenkins forking from Hudson.



Best Kodi Forks NOVEMBER 2018 - SPMC

SPMC (Semper Media Center) is one of the most popular and well known Forks of Kodi available! Unfortunately, development for the 17 fork stopped, but SPMC still works and was created by one of the Android Developers as a founding XBMC members. He is now working on a new project MRMC which can be found HERE. Download SPMC Fork and install to your device.


2) DVDFab Media Player 

Best Kodi Forks NOVEMBER 2018 - DVDFAB

DVDFab Fork made its name as a popular Kodi Fork shortly after the release of Jarvis, focusing on Kodi 17.3 and above but is now available as a 17.6 fork and is growing popularity by the day. This can be used along side Kodi or as a separate media center.

One of the main selling points is the fact it can be used as a cross platform Fork meaning it will run on different OS like windows and Android. Download DVDFab Media Player and install to your device.

 Download DVDFab Kodi Fork 


Best Kodi Forks NOVEMBER 2018 FIREMC

FireMC is a very popular Kodi Fork specifically for Firestick. This was forked by FireTV guru and will run flawlessly on your Firestick or FireTV device. This also works beautifully on any Android TV box, tablet or smartphone. Download FireMC to your Firestick today. This is a Fork specifically aimed at Kodi 17.3.

Download FireMC Kodi Fork

4) MyGica

Best Kodi Forks NOVEMBER 2018 MyGica

This Fork was made famous for being able to run Kodi 17 on Android 4.4 devices. This is one of the best Kodi 17.4 forks and will work with any Android TV box, smartphone, tablet or Firestick. Download MyGica Kodi fork to your device using the link above.

Download MyGica Kodi Fork APK


Best Kodi Forks NOVEMBER 2018 - CEMC

CEMC (Community Edition Media Center) is built around one of the best Kodi forks and is made to run flawlessly on any device including Firestick or Android. It is an open source project and offers many customisation tweaks, depending on what you want from a Kodi Fork! Download CEMC Kodi Fork now.

 Download CEMC

6) MrMC

Best Kodi Forks NOVEMBER 2018

MrMC has a 10 foot UI for different screens and is an incredible ‘all round’ Media center. This is the project that Koying went on to work with, and if it is anything like SPMC, you know you are in for a treat! Download MRMC Media Center as a great alternative to the best Kodi fork!

Download MRMC Kodi Fork

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