App Icons not showing on Amazon Firestick? Here is how to fix it!

App icons not showing on Amazon Firestick? This post will show you how to fix it. Finally remove the broken Grey icons on your Firestick!

App icons missing on Amazon Firestick

Since the recent Amazon Firestick update to Fire OS 7 (, many users are reporting app icons not showing and instead, seeing a broken grey app icon.

This is due to the app compatibility with the new and updated Amazon Firestick OS version, and seems to be more common with apps like HBO Max or Peacock having no app icons.

Although there are many videos showing how to downgrade the app version to an older version, then updating it again, I can confirm this does not work. Well, it did not for me!

With thanks to TechDoctorUK – who released a video showing how to fix this issue, we now have a confirmed, working way to fix broken app icons on the Amazon Firestick.

Why app icons are not showing on Amazon Firestick?

Well, in simple answer, it is related to the new Amazon Firestick OS update to Fire OS 7.

Some app icons, or their images, may get broken in the recent update to the new Fire OS.

Like when Android or iOS get’s updated, sometimes app changes need to happen to remain compatible with the latest OS version, this is the same with the app icons being broken on the Firestick.

Broken app icons on Firestick SOLUTION

I have compiled a list of WORKING versions of the apps below, which can be downloaded on the Firestick, which will fix the icons.

Whilst these are not the OFFICIAL apps. They are a shortcut to the real app, using the apps icon, which makes it look real.

This is perfectly safe, and is not a fake version of any of the broken apps. It is simply a shortcut to the official app, with the app icon I have uploaded using this brilliant ATV Launcher website that allows you to create app shortcuts to different package names.

I have demonstrated this in a video which you can watch here:

App icons NOT SHOWING on Amazon Firestick 🔨✅ [EASY FIX!!!]

Are your app icons not showing on the Amazon Firestick? Watch this video!!!Download link (+ link to shortcut creator) :…

Download working versions of apps with fixed app icons

Here is a list of all the apps that had not icons for me on the Amazon Firestick, which included HBO Max app icon not showing, Peacock app icon not showing and Tubi TV app icon not showing.

I have also included some apps that were reported broken by TechDoctorUK who also shared this on his website – please check it out!

Download apps for Firestick with FIXED app icons

You DO NOT need to uninstall the current versions of the broken apps, as the downloads below are just shortcuts and NOT the official app.

How to fix other Amazon Firestick icons not showing

If there are other icons on your Amazon Firestick homescreen that are not showing, you can use THIS WEBSITE to create your own version of the app, and then sideload it to the Firestick.

You will need to fill in the app name and the App Package name exactly how it is on your Firestick. Upload the logo and then create the APK and sideload to your Firestick.

Fix app icons not showing on firestick

If there are apps that do not show the icons on your Firetsick that are not listed above, I can add more, please let me know in the comments which app you need.

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