BUDGET Wireless ANC Headphones UNDER £50 (MIXCDER E7)

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BUDGET Wireless ANC Headphones UNDER £50 (MIXCDER E7)

Watch the latest Product Review from the LeeTV YouTube channel -BUDGET Wireless ANC Headphones UNDER £50 (MIXCDER E7)!

I recently released another product review video on my YouTube Channel, which you can find in this post! I post new videos weekly aimed at the latest Tech News, Streaming News and VPN/Gadget Reviews, and this Tech review is no different!.

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Anyway, without going too far off the rails, here is the latest product review/unboxing from my channel!

Watch BUDGET Wireless ANC Headphones UNDER £50 (MIXCDER E7)

This is a FULL review of the Mixcder E7 Wireless ANC Headphones. Are these one of the best budget Active Noise Cancelling headphones for 2020?

Mixcder E7 link : https://amzn.to/38NbRZM
Win THESE headphones on Twitter : https://www.twitter.com/leetvtech (Pinned Post)

Mixcder offer a range of Budget Wireless Headphones, and the E7 are a great choice for ANC headphones UNDER £50.

In this video I take a look at the quality, design, features and ask, are these budget headphones worth the money? or Can the E7 be the best wireless ANC headphones of 2020?


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Hope you found the video useful!

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  1. Awesome review brother LEE. Man I could use a pair of those. Only problem is I don't use Twitter. Keep the content coming. Appreciate all you do. Keep up the awesome work. I go through a lot of bluetooth headphones. Hope you enjoy you day. Love ya bro

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