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Download ApToide APK

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Download ApToide APK

What is Aptoide App Store?

Aptoide is another app store just like Google Play Store. I called it Gangsta Version of PlayStore because it lets you download some apps that cost money on Play Store for Free. Those free apps aren’t published by the original developers but by someone else who paid for the original app or got it from somewhere else and uploaded it on Aptoide That brings us to our Second, Any. That brings us to our Second feature, Anyone can upload any app on the Aptoide for Free of Cost, unlike Play Store which charges $25 or ₹1500 ( approx. ) to create a developer account only after which you can start uploading apps.

When you download an app using Google Play Store, the app is directly installed on your phone unlike Aptoide which only downloads the APK and you have to install it. Aptoide also has a user-friendly UI and lets developers monetize and promote their apps. Another amazing feature Aptoide offers is that you can anytime you want, downgrade your app’s version if you want a feature back or the new version is too buggy for your device. You can also see a verified badge on the apps that are genuine and malware free because Aptoide being a free marketplace has a lot of scam apps.

No one or nothing is perfect in this World, with good things come bad things and Aptoide also has some of them.

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