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EE follows Vodafone in unveiling 4G/5G plans with unlimited data

EE has unveiled new 4G and 5G SIM-only unlimited data plans. 

The move was somewhat inevitable after Vodafone announced three unlimited 4G/5G plans at its 5G launch back on 3 July. Unlike two out of the three Vodafone plans, EE’s don’t have a speed restriction. They are, however, more expensive. 

EE’s unlimited 5G Smart handset plans and 5G Smart SIM plans also come with three Swappable benefits which you can juggle at any time including Amazon Prime Video, BT Sport App (with HDR) access and Roam Further Pass access. There’s also a Gaming or Video pass you can swap in, too, that will give you unlimited data for video streaming, for example. 

With a handset, the 5G Smart unlimited plan starts at £69 per month but if you want to go SIM-free you can sign up for £44 a month. That carries a price premium of £10 compared to EE’s £34-a-month unlimited data plan. That plan doesn’t have swappable benefits – two of those are, however, available on the next-up £39-a-month deal. 

On Vodafone, there are three SIM-only tariffs – Unlimited for £26 a month which is restricted to 10Mbps, Unlimited Lite which costs £23 but only offers a barely-useable 2Mbps speed. Vodafone’s Unlimited Max plan (no speed restriction) is £30 a month which obviously compares favourably with the EE £44 deal. 

Vodafone does offer an Amazon Prime Video, Now TV, Sky Sports Mobile TV or free Spotify with its Unlimited or Unlimited Max deals as well. 

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