Examples of why producers are using iPhone 12 Pro for cinematic movies

The iPhone 12 Pro max is astonishing when it comes to the Dolby Atmos HDR content. Here are some examples of why producers prefer it.

action adult aperture blur
Photo by Terje Sollie on Pexels.com

The iPhone 12 pro is the next best thing, sometimes even better, to a very expensive movie production camera.

I am so impressed with the Dolby Atmos HDR immersive experience the iPhone 12 pro offers, and have watched many videos, including astronomy photography, taken by the 12 pro.

The ability to offer a massive 30 second exposure shot on still photo’s (with a tripod) is incredible. But the immersive, and beautiful cinematic videography shots taken on the iPhone 12 pro is something else.

With how impressed I am, and the unfortunate lack of beautiful scenery I have local to my house (I live in the Engineering capitol in the Midlands, UK), I wanted to share some of the videos I have watched on YouTube that is inspiring me to begin to learn more about videography, and make the most of the functions and features I have, built into a smartphone!

iPhone 12 pro Cinematic videos

Take a look at some of these videos, and of course consider subscribing to their channels

Shot on iPhone 12 Pro by Emmanuel Lubezki — Apple

Shot on iPhone 12 Pro by Emmanuel Lubezki – Apple

On set with three-time Academy Award ® winner Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki and the iPhone 12 Pro – the first device ever to capture, edit and playback in Dolby V…

iPhone 12 Pro by Links TV

iPhone12 Pro 能拍出怎样的视频?杜比视界 4K 60帧 10bit HDR

2020.10.26 我们登顶了日本甲斐駒ヶ岳,使用iPhone12Pro,记录下了山上的风景.拍摄规格4K 60FPS,Dolby Vision 10bit 4:2:0本视频为Dolby Vision原片下转换的HDR10版本全程手持拍摄,没有使用稳定器

iPhone 12 Pro Max Film (4K Cinematic) by Vincent Trabucco

iPhone 12 Pro Max Film – Cinematic 4K

Here is a film made with the brand new Apple Iphone 12 Pro Max.Shot in FranceTo help me to shoot this movie, i used a DJI OM 4 GIMBAL :you can find it here :…

Cinematic iPhone 12 Pro Max video – Varanasi, India by Siddhartha joshi

Cinematic iPhone 12 Pro Max video – Varanasi, India

This Diwali I couldn’t spend time with my family, so I decided to spend it by myself but in one of the oldest cities of the world – Varanasi.Also, I was ther…

What do you think?

Have you got the iPhone 12 pro? Are you making the most of it?

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