Filelinked Not Working? Code Not Found? READ THIS

Many are reporting Filelinked not working and showing a ‘Code Not Found’ error within Filelinked. This post should help explain what is wrong!

As of 21st June 2021, many Filelinked users are seeing errors which is stopping them access any Filelinked Codes. This error will show as Code Not Found within the Filelinked app.

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Filelinked says Code Not Found

Why is Filelinked Not working?

As it stands, you will NOT be able to access the Filelinked website.

You will see an error message which says ‘Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found.’ when accessing

Rumours are speculating one of 2 things.

1 – Filelinked has server issues

There may be issues with the Filelinked server. If the server is down, you will not be able to access the Filelinked website, or any Filelinked code.

2 – Filelinked has shutdown

The other rumour is that Filelinked has been shut down. This is because the Filelinked Facebook page is also gone, with the whole page being archived.

Filelinked error occurred

There have been goining issues for some time, leading to some concerns that something wasnt right!

Filelinked Website Offline

Leading up to this point. has had some issues when accessing their website, or trying to download the Filelinked app.

This was security risk warnings from Google, which warned users the website was suspicious.

We have also seen a number of YouTube channels recieve Guideline strikes for ‘Dangerous’ content, most being related to Filelinked.

So what does this mean?

Is Filelinked Shutdown?

As it stands, there is no official statement or indication that Filelinked received a take down request.

All rumours are currently speculation. If this does change, I will update you.

Filelinked Code Not Found error

If you are receiving an error within Filelinked showing ‘Filelinked Code not found’, that is because the website is offline.

If this issue is server related, it will be fixed when the server is back online.

If this is relating the Filelinked being closed down, again this is speculation, but I will update you when I know more!

How to download Filelinked – website offline?

Whilst the website is offline, you can still download the Filelinked app.

To download the Filelinked app, visit our Downloads Page.

Although, downloading filelinked when the server is offline is rather pointless, as none of the Filelinked codes will work.

What next?

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