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Google Pixel 3 XL left in back of Lyft cab, driver takes pics before returning it

Google Pixel 3 XL left in back of Lyft cab, driver takes pics before returning it

Remember that time when an Apple employee accidentally left an iPhone 4G in a Cupertino bar? Well, eight years have passed and it seems Google has done something similar.

A driver working for cab company Lyft was surprised to find that a phone left in the back of his car turned out to be the forthcoming Google Pixel 3 XL.

He realised that was the case after seeing the handset has a notch on the front screen and a Google logo on the rear. It also looks like the handsets previously leaked online.

Like any good cabbie, he returned the phone to its owner. But not before he took a few pics and sent them to Android Police as an anonymous tipster.

It’s worth noting that the device pictured is a pre-production model. We expect the consumer version to be similar but keep that in mind.

That being said, the Pixel 3 XL has leaked more times than Thames Water’s London pipe network. You will probably have a great idea of what to expect already.

And there will likely be further speculation before it, and the smaller Pixel 3, are officially announced on 4 October. We’ll ensure you keep up to date throughout.

Credits to Pocket-lint

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