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Honor Magic 2 looks like a Huawei P20 Pro but with a sliding screen

Honor Magic 2 looks like a Huawei P20 Pro but with a sliding screen

It’s increasingly obvious that so-called “leaks” may be sly marketing techniques from companies wanting to get people excited about their new products. A freshly leaked “hands-on video” of the upcoming Honor Magic 2 is a prime example.

The phone, which is set to launch 31 October, can be seen in the video above (via Slashleaks). The person in the video, who has been named by some media outlets as singer Jiacheng Wu, demonstrates that the Magic 2 is a slider phone. To reveal the front cameras at the top, he slid the screen downward with his thumb. This same action can be seen in another video from Honor’s TikTok channel (via Tech News).

TikTok is a social media app used by creators to make short video clips, including short musical videos, so, of course, the phone has been shared through there along with a very catchy beat. But that’s not all, the back of the phone has been “leaked” in a photo by Chinese actress Zanilia Zhao. Billed as a “debut premium edition”, we can see the Magic 2 has a red and purple gradient mirror finish.

We can also see very clearly the triple camera on the back, which reminds us of Huawei’s P20 Pro, though Honor moved the LED flash from the bottom to the top. A second “leaked’ photo focuses on Honor’s Yoyo voice assistant, which will likely be limited to China.

If we had to guess, these videos and photos aren’t really leaks. But they’re certainly fun. 

Credits to Pocket-lint

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