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How to watch the Huawei Developer Conference and what to expect

Huawei is probably one of the most interesting companies in tech right now. The number two smartphone manufacturer and a leading technology provider in 5G, the company certainly has influence in mobile telecoms. 

Having fallen into the gap between the US and China’s trade talks, Huawei watching has become even more interesting as questions over whether it can work with US technology companies remain unanswered as the tech giant looks to plot a course into the future. 

You might not have been interested in the Huawei Developer Conference before, but perhaps you should be. Here’s how to watch it and what you can expect. 

When is the Huawei Developer Conference?

The Huawei Developer Conference runs from 9-11 August and is being hosted in Songshan Lake in China. The keynote – which is likely to be the most gripping part of the conference – kicks off at 14:30 in China.

Here are some local times for Pocket-lint readers:

  • London 07:30
  • Berlin 08:30
  • New York 02:30
  • San Fransisco 23:30 (8 August)
  • Tokyo 15:30
  • Mumbai 12:00

You’ll be able to watch the livestream of the Huawei Developer Conference on the video above. 

What to expect from the HDC

We are expecting Huawei to stick to its confident stance, continuing to say that it wants to work with its partners and that it is great for the economies of all nations to do so. 

Huawei’s Plan B

Will we hear anything about Huawei’s Plan B? Many think that there will be some reference made to it. If the US goes hard and stops Huawei working with Google, then another smartphone platform will rise. If nothing else, the HDC is a great place for Huawei to encourage developers to engage with Huawei directly, using its own App Gallery. 

We already know that Huawei will be launching a HongMeng device.

Huawei Smart Screens

Huawei’s first HongMeng device is a smart screen, which is expected to make an appearance. Exactly what we’ll see, we don’t know, but there’s long been talk of a 5G Huawei smart TV, designed to be the centre of your smart home. This could well be the thing. 


There is a session planned for EMUI 10, the next version that is expected to roll-out to the company’s smartphones. We’re expecting this to launch with the Huawei Mate 30 later in 2019, but it might come with Android Q. Of course, there’s a lot of questions here – and we suspect that EMUI would continue, even if not based on Android. It may well be the visual face of Huawei’s Plan B phone software in a worst possible case scenario. 


There’s a chance that we’ll get to hear something about the next-generation of hardware that might find its way into the Mate 30. Huawei has jumped to a position where it’s a step in advance of other hardware platforms. Previously we saw Kirin announcements at IFA 2019 – and that’s still a possibility too.

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