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Huawei P20 Pro Pearl White in pictures: 'Like a unicorn marshmallow'

Huawei P20 Pro Pearl White in pictures: 'Like a unicorn marshmallow'

Not content with releasing arguably the best Android phone in 2018, Huawei has released a limited edition Pearl White finish. And we bring you pictures of that very phone, up close and personal.

Nothing about the Pearl White’s internal spec is different to the original P20 Pro. This is an entirely aesthetic difference, the rear coated in an almost shimmering pearl finish that catches the light in off-white blues, pinks and most colours of the rainbow – just like a real pearl. Or, as someone in the Pocket-lint office said: “it’s like a unicorn marshmallow or something!”

The pearly white rear is met with a rose gold-like frame, complementing the sometimes pink hues on that rear. The buttons are matched with the same metal, while the power button has a pop of red embedded to its centre as a point of difference.

The rear triple cameras are also adorned with the rose gold-like edging, making the three circular emblems to the rear standout against their pearly surroundings.

But there’s a snag: the Pearl White edition is only available in Malaysia at present, with a meagre 500 of the phones up for sale. Here’s hoping we’ll see this rare finish in other territories in the future. We’ll certainly be taking extra special care of ours in the UK!


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