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Inside Huawei's awesome new phone hardware destined for Mate 20 in October

Inside Huawei's awesome new phone hardware destined for Mate 20 in October

Huawei has revealed the platform that will power its new 2018-19 phones here at IFA 2018. Kirin 980 is the hardware that will be inside the forthcoming Mate 20 due in October as well as the P20 and P20 Pro replacement due early next year which we reckon will be called the P30 and P30 Pro. 

As we found out yesterday, it’s also inside the new bezel-less phone from Honor, the Honor Magic 2

Huawei’s new platform is groundbreaking for a few reasons, but primary amongst them is that it heralds the first in a new generation of mobile chips – based on ARM’s new Cortex-A76 processor design which is significantly more efficient than older cores – 58 percent according to Huawei.

There are eight cores in total, but their purpose is split between high intensity and standard use – two of them are based on a different design for super efficiency. Graphics are also handled by a new ARM-designed Mali-G76 processor that promises a 46 percent improvement over the previous generation. 

The platform also manufactured using the super-efficient 7nm process, which means that Huawei has been able to pack 6.9 billion transistors on a 1cm square. Huawei’s deputy general manager of chipsets Benjamin Wang said that “[the move to] 7nm is the biggest engineering challenge we have ever met”. 

There’s also dual neural processors which, says Huawei, will enable much faster on-device image recognition as well as a fast 1.4Gbps 4G LTE modem. No, there’s no 5G here. 

When asked about availability of the chipset, Wang said “Well you know there is a Mate 20 launch in London in October”. So that’s that – we’ll see the Mate 20 in October. Check out all the latest Mate 20 rumours

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