IPVanish just got a MASSIVE upgrade to new 25GB/second servers.

IPVanish just upgraded their Network servers to a whopping 25GB per second! This makes IPVanish the first to reach these huge data speeds!

That’s right, IPVanish become the first VPN provider to upgrade their Network servers from their typical 10GBPS servers to the new 25GBPS network card.

In simple terms, the new IPVanish network card runs on an Intel XXV710, which can transmit 2.5 times more data than a 10Gbps card.

How does this compare to other VPN services?

Well. IPVanish isn’t the first to announce an upgrade of its network, but it is the first to offer speeds of 25GBPS transfers.

To compare, NordVPN, the seconds fastest when it comes to IPVanish runner up’s, just upgraded from 1GBPS to 10GBPS. Whilst Private Internet Access also announced the new network speeds of 10 GBPS on their ‘Next Gen’ servers.

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Simply put, there is no other VPN Service provider that can match IPVanish’s new 25GBPS network speeds, and the cream on the cake, is the fact IPVanish now also offers UNLIMITED connections.

It’s fair to say, this put’s IPVanish at the top of the leader board, when it comes to finding the best or fastest VPN.

What does this mean?

Whilst the unbeatable network upgrades will help IPVanish dominate the VPN industry, it doesn’t exactly mean the speeds will increase.

Network speeds
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Think of a motorway, if the motorway has 3 lanes, and there is plenty of traffic, the highway will be congested. This result in car’s travelling at a slower speed down the motorway.

If an extra lane is added, this will allow more traffic down the highway, resulting in less congestion and more car’s traveling at more consistent speeds.

IPVanish have confirmed that the data speed increase on the new network card will be less prone to overloading, resulting in more consistent fast speeds, and will deliver peak speeds at all times.

IPVanish pledge to upgrade further

In addition to the new 25GBPS network speeds, they will soon be upgrading the to new (or newish) Wireguard protocols at some point in Q1 of 2021.

When Wireguard is introduced to IPVanish, then we can expect to see even faster speeds.

This will make IPVanish the best VPN to use in 2021, in my opinion.

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