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JBL Tuner is the portable radio for the Bluetooth generation

JBL Tuner is the portable radio for the Bluetooth generation

Contrary to many expectations, radio is still going strong in the age of digital music streaming. It still manages to capture our attention, whether we are millennials, old farts or somewhere in-between. And it shows no signs of stopping.

However, streaming over apps and services, such as Spotify, cannot be ignored and that’s where the JBL Tuner comes in.

It caters for both worlds, being a DAB+ and FM Radio, yet doubling as a Bluetooth speaker too. And with up to eight hours of play time, it can be taken to a festival, camping holiday or simply used in the garden during a barbecue without needing to plug it in continuously.

There is a backlit LCD display that shows you the radio station tuned into, with five direct DAB and FM preset buttons to find your favourites quickly.

It has 5W RMS rated power output, weighs 445kg and has dimensions of 165 x 66 x 66mm.

An extendable aerial ensures you can pick up radio signals wherever you are.

The JBL Tuner comes in either black or white and is available now for £89.99 from and other retailers around the UK.

We hope to catch up with the Samsung-owned JBL brand at this year’s IFA consumer electronics trade show in a couple of weeks.

Credits to Pocket-lint

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