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Kava Tincture: Stress Relief And Calmness

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Stress is one of the leading causes of mental health issues. There are many studies which show and prove that stress is so dangerous that it could even kill people. Apart from that, stress accounts for many heart diseases, blood pressure, and other diseases. Thus, it is evident that stress should be taken care of and should be controlled. However, it has become highly impossible in this fast-moving world. Everything is instant and there is a lot of competition in the world. Social media is again a great factor that accounts for stress. However, these entities have become inevitable. Thus, the only way to escape the cycle is to take care of ourselves. Kava tincture belongs to the pacific islands and falls under the pepper family.

Benefits of Kava Tincture


Kava tincture is an ancient herb in the form of a concoction that has been in practice for a very long time. Kava tincture is proven to show its tremendous effects in stress revival, reducing anxiety and other issues around the same. Kava tincture has also proven to have great effects on calming, soothing, and clarifying the mind. Again, this would result with lesser stress and greater clarity.

Anxiety reducing properties

The primary use of kava tincture is that it has a great effect on reducing anxiety and stress. It is usually made into a paste or to a tablet form. This syrup would be consumed with milk or herbal tea. It is said that, with a course of time, kava tincture would help with calming effects and thus effectively reduce stress and anxiety.

Sleep inducing properties

Kava tincture is often prescribed in ayurvedic practices to induce sleep. Kava tincture with chamomile tea and lavender could promote amazing relaxation. This would indeed promote better sleep and peace. Kava tincture promotes a relaxing, euphoric effect.

Is kava tincture safe?

People in the pacific often consume kava root extract as a social drink. It is like alcohol in western society. This means it has a similar effect to that of alcohol. However, it is derived out of natural substances therefore the side effects are minimal. Researches are still being done in order to fully identify the effects of Kava tincture. So far, they are proven to reduce stress and promote sleep.

How To Use Kava Tincture

Traditionally Kava tincture extract will be made into a syrup and then be mixed with water or milk or be consumed just like that. There are also readymade tea mixtures available. It is advised to consume 6oz to 8oz of kava tincture extract per day. However, for women who are pregnant. There is not enough research evidence on this topic. Thus, it is advised for them to not consume before any scientific conclusions.


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