Best Kodi builds to install after updating to Kodi 19.1

If you Kodi automatically updated to Kodi 19.1 and you lost everything on it, here are the best Kodi 19.1 builds that should fix your issue!

Kodi 19.1

So if you are one of the many that lost EVERYTHING on Kodi after updating to Kodi 19.1, do not worry, we have a solution!

There are many reports of users losing everything on Kodi after automatically updating to Kodi 19.1.

For the less technical minded, you might have no idea why!

Why did you lose everything on Kodi after updating to Kodi 19.1

The simple answer is down to the Python Code update.

If you lost your Kodi 18.9 build when Kodi automatically updated to Kodi 19.1, there is a simple explantion.

The reason why you lost your Kodi setup :

The latest Kodi 19.1 update saw an update to the code thats used inside the Kodi addons (Python).

With the latest Kodi 19.1 update, the Python language was also updated, which means the addons on Kodi 19.1 are based on the new Python code update.

The problem is, the addons and builds use the previous Python code, which is not supported on Kodi 19, which is why addons do not work, or the reason why you lost everything on Kodi.

As time goes on, addons will be updated. It is a waiting game!

Video that explains everything

I made a few video’s that explains everything in more detail, and shows you how to STOP Kodi automatically updating to Kodi 19.1

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How to downgrade from Kodi 19.1 to 18.9

I also made a video that shows you how to downgrade Kodi 19.1 to 18.9 and it is simple to do!

Check out my video which explains how to downgrade Kodi from 19.1 to 18.9

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Best Builds for Kodi 18.9-19.1

If you are looking for the best builds to install for Kodi 18.9 or 19.1, Troypoint has you covered!

He has a whole page with the latest builds which includes Kodi builds for 19.1 which are currently working fine!

If you want to checkout the best builds for Kodi 18.9 or 19.1 visit the tutorial page below.


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