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LG MWC 2019 plans could include folding two-screen smartphone

LG MWC 2019 plans could include folding two-screen smartphone

LG is said to be among the manufacturers to show foldable phones this year, even as soon as Mobile World Congress next month.

However, a new report suggests that it won’t be unveiling a bendable display handset, similar to the Royole Flexpai or the rumoured Samsung Galaxy F.

It will, instead, show a phone that is made up of two displays that can combine into one when extended.

That’s the word from CNET, SlashGear and Korean website Naver.

According to the rumourmill, LG will have multiple handsets at this year’s MWC and a double-display device will be among them.

It is not thought to be the LG G8, contrary to earlier rumours, but something altogether new.

There is some debate over how the two-screen phone will work. CNET claims that it will be a phone that can be enhanced by an attachment that is described as a case with a display.

That would add a second screen to the overall device.

SlashGear and Naver, however, suggest that the new phone will be hinged, as per a recent LG patent. That way the display can fold in half rather than bend.

They both suggest that each screen will be slightly more than 3-inches, with the overall device folding out to a 7-inch tablet form factor.

Of course, they might all be describing different handsets entirely and LG could be working on multiple plans.

We’ll find out for sure when MWC starts on 25 February. Pocket-lint will be there in force.

Credits to Pocket-lint

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