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LTVPN is a FREE VPN for Android and streaming apps like Kodi. Download it here!

LTVPN is a FREE VPN for Android and Streaming apps like Kodi!

Download LTVPN, the FREE VPN for Android TV released by me, LeeTV!

LTVPN - a FREE VPN for Android 2019

Yep, I just released a brand new FREE VPN app for Android and will work on streaming devices, and will work with streaming apps, such as a FREE VPN for Kodi!

It’s based on a free template, and connects to free servers across multiple different countries! Let’s not forget, its a FREE VPN! That mean’s these servers are likely to get BATTERED at times, which may affect the speed. Typically, I have been receiving speeds of around 10mb using the OPTIMUM server, which will recommend the best available VPN server at that time!

As time goes on, I will be looking to update the servers to offer faster speeds, but ofcourse, with that, comes investment. This is the main reason for ad’s being present, to help me invest in buying more VPS to offer better, faster and more reliable servers (and more dedicated)!

LTVPN is now available in the app store, and would apprecite if you could help spread the word across facebook groups, twitter and include in any Filelinked repos etc!



Please consider leaving a review to help me out also!

Much love!

LTVPN - a FREE VPN for Android 2019 LTVPN - a FREE VPN for Android 2019 LTVPN - a FREE VPN for Android 2019 LTVPN - a FREE VPN for Android 2019

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