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Motorola Razr next for retro revival, as foldable phone costing $1,500

Motorola Razr next for retro revival, as foldable phone costing $1,500

Lenovo is set to revive one of the biggest and most loved phone brands from yesteryear. The Motorola Razr will reportedly return, albeit at a high-end price and with a foldable display.

“People familiar with the matter” have allegedly informed the Wall Street Journal that Lenovo will partner with Verizon in the US for a new version of the Razr. Prices will start at $1,500, it is claimed.

To be fair, it looks as if the new Razr phone will a long-way removed from the flip device first released in 2004. A foldable display will put it more on a par with Samsung’s forthcoming folding handset, thought to be named Galaxy F.

A couple of other manufacturers are said to be unveiling foldable phones soon too. One, Royole, has already made its Flexpai device available to developers.

None of the foldable handsets will be cheap. The Royole Flexpai starts at around £1,200, for example.

This isn’t the first time the Razr has been resurrected. Motorola partnered with Verizon (again) in 2011 for the Droid Razr handset. However, that was more like conventional Android handset than a folding or flip device.

The forthcoming foldable phone could be a better fit for the name.

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