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Motorola shows off Razr foldable concept video

Motorola has shown off a video concept of its Moto Razr foldable handset. We’ve previously seen leaked images of the device, but this video came from Lenovo itself. 

The 30 second video shared on Weibo appears to have originated from a Moto fan, but Motorola’s parent company Lenovo was happy to show it off at a press event – probably because it shows off the phone in a good light and makes it look like a desirable device, especially for fans of previous Razr handsets.

The video is also probably fairly accurate – showing a phone that’s unmistakably Razr but with a continuous display when opened up. 

To be fair, the video doesn’t show us much more than we knew already, but it does show the phone being opened up and folded up again, so you can see the hinge mechanism in detail. It also tells us something – that this phone will probably be with us reasonably soon. After all, companies tend not to tease products that are miles off. 

The video also shows off several colour variants, too. The Wall Street Journal previously reported that the new device would clock in around the $1,500 mark, which would price it significantly less than the Samsung and Huawei foldables. 

However, XDA developers reported last month that the device would be mid-range under the hood, based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 710 platform and with a relatively small 2,730mAh battery.



Credits Pocket Lint

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