My IPTV Setup 2021 🔥These 2 work hand in hand……

My IPTV Setup 2021 🔥These 2 work hand in hand……

Watch the latest Product Review from the LeeTV YouTube channel -My IPTV Setup 2021 🔥These 2 work hand in hand……!

I recently released another product review video on my YouTube Channel, which you can find in this post! I post new videos weekly aimed at the latest Tech News, Streaming News and VPN/Gadget Reviews, and this Tech review is no different!.

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Anyway, without going too far off the rails, here is the latest product review/unboxing from my channel!

Watch My IPTV Setup 2021 🔥These 2 work hand in hand……

☑️This is the Best IPTV Service & Android Box for LIVE TV in 2021 | SSTV + BuzzTV Box

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➡ Best IPTV Service + Streaming Device 2021

This is my Live TV setup for IPTV.

SSTV is a fairly new IPTV service which offers 1000s of Live TV channels and VOD that is compatible with BuzzTV boxes – Yes, they give out portal addresses for Mag devices too!

BuzzTV box is one of the best streaming devices I have used for setting up IPTV. You can also integrate additional services if you have more than 1 provider.

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Hope you found the video useful!

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  1. Hi Lee, great info friend, thanks , am from India and seriously considering doing some biz here on this, am presently using the MX Q PRO 4 K 5 G, performance is satisfactory , main thing is the pricing of the Box , very affordable. Like to hear more from you on the technical side , i f i want to communicate with you via e mail is it possible ?

  2. It's good until you get a update And everything that was good is gone I called this customer support 3 times and they could not figure out what was wrong with this garbage And wanted me to ship the box to me would have to pay for it All the review s get the boxes free and all they do is tell you how good it is never the bad ,Thing again about buying this junk

  3. I have 2 buzztv boxes: xpl3000 and xps4500.
    I actually like the 3000 more.
    A friend of mine bought the T9 and he still loking for an app the will be like the buzztv live….. do you have any suggestions???

  4. I have a buzz tv box 4500 series not really impressed letters on remote too small can really read what they say i use a nvidia with tivimate works pretty good but this ss iptv u say little to no buffering everyone says that bout iptv then i get the service then low n behold it buffers especially during ppv main events

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