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New Samsung Galaxy S10 prices leak, cheaper than first thought

New Samsung Galaxy S10 prices leak, cheaper than first thought

We’ve seen leaked prices for the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 phones before, but a new set of leaked European details reveal the three handsets could be cheaper than first thought.

Or, at least, priced differently in separate territories across Europe.

According to information obtained by online leaker Ishan Agarwal, the Samsung Galaxy S10e (aka Galaxy S10 Lite) will allegedly cost €749 (£657) in the Netherlands and be available in multiple colours.

The standard Samsung Galaxy S10 will start at €899, while the Galaxy S10+ will be priced from €999.

The flagship model, the ceramic Samsung Galaxy S10+ in black or white and with 1TB of storage and 12GB RAM, will cost €1,499.

Those prices are cheaper than those previously touted by TuttoAndroid, that claimed the entry-level phone would start at €799 and the most expensive model would come in at €1,599.

But, considering that website is based in Italy, it could also be correct. Cost variations are not unusual across the European Union, even when priced in the same currency.

If so, we suspect there will be a fair amount of shopping tourism come release day, with Europeans travelling between countries to get the best deals – especially when they could save up to €100.

Credits to Pocket-lint

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