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Nokia to launch 5G smartphone in 2020 for half the price of current 5G devices

Nokia is rumoured to be announcing a 5G version of its Nokia 9 before this year is out – dubbed the Nokia 9.1 – but a recent report also claims the company is looking at offering a more affordable 5G device in 2020 too.

According to Digital Trends, HMD Global – the company responsible for making Nokia devices these days – is said to be making a “value” flagship 5G smartphone destined to launch next year.

With previous rumours suggesting the more powerful Nokia 9.1 will arrive in 2019, we are assuming the 5G value flagship smartphone Digital Trends is referring to is a different model, though it might be that the Nokia 9.1 will come later than originally rumoured instead.

Juho Sarvikas, chief product officer for HMD is reported to have told Digital Trends the 5G smartphone it is planning for 2020 will cost “roughly half of what exists today”.

According to the report, Sarvikas told Digital Trends in a phone call: “We see a particular opportunity for us in bringing 5G to a more affordable segment as we enter the market. I would say affordable in relation to what’s available today. I would love to see us at half of the price where you have 5G today.”.

At the moment, 5G devices are available from a number of manufacturers, including OnePlus and Samsung but they aren’t cheap. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G for example, is £1099, so if Nokia delivers on what it says, we could see a 5G handset from the company arrive for around £600 in 2020.


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