NVIDIA SHIELD TV ⛔ Watch before you buy!!

NVIDIA SHIELD TV ⛔ Watch before you buy!!

Watch the latest Product Review from the LeeTV YouTube channel -NVIDIA SHIELD TV ⛔ Watch before you buy!!!

I recently released another product review video on my YouTube Channel, which you can find in this post! I post new videos weekly aimed at the latest Tech News, Streaming News and VPN/Gadget Reviews, and this Tech review is no different!.

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Anyway, without going too far off the rails, here is the latest product review/unboxing from my channel!

Watch NVIDIA SHIELD TV ⛔ Watch before you buy!!

Nvidia Shield TV. Looking for the best Android TV box in 2021? 🎞 This video explains why you should AVOID buying the Nvidia Shield TV.

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➡ Looking for the Best Android TV box in 2021? Watch this video first…..

Whilst the Nvidia Shield remains one of the best android streaming devices in 2021, if your thinking of buying the Nvidia Shield TV, then you should watch this video first.

I have reviewed many different streaming devices, and I personally think you should avoid buying the Shield TV and instead, should consider the Amazon Firestick 4K or the Mecool KM6

In summary, should you buy or upgrade to the Nvidia Shield TV? The answer is NO!

This video will explain why……

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00:00 – Intro
01:25 – Disclaimer
01:45 – Common Bugs
02:32 – Expectations
03:32 – AI Upscaling Issue
06:32 – Overpriced
07:13 – Basic Features
08:09 – Netflix Bug
08:59 – Wifi Issues
10:35 – Should you buy it?
11:15 – Best Android TV box 2021
12:10 – Nvidia Shield TV Alternatives
12:58 – Outro

Hope you found the video useful!

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  1. The Nvidia Shield is the best streaming device. I’ve had the Shield for many years including this device and there are no problems as described in this video. In fact the Nvidia Shield works better than any device. There is no other streaming device that comes close to it. If you do a lot of streaming definately get the Nvidia Shield.

  2. I had the Nvidia Shield for 2 years, it's working flawlessly. I had other TV box too, like Xiaomi TV box, T95 android box…and 4K Fire Stick. The Nvidia Shields beats them all, hands down!!!

  3. you have to dive into this before you complain about any streaming device.

    broadband internet (copper)
    *wire your nvidia shield
    *give it a static ip adress in the modem with HDCP also if available QoS
    *copper connections are shared with neighbors, so speed is variable each moment.
    *check channels in modem, dynamic is awfull because it changes constant.
    *set modem (if available) on QoS, it will give your connection to the shield priority above anything else in your household.
    *5ghz or 2,4ghz? depends on suport on your networkdevice, and distance. 5ghz is not always better. where is your modem/router? is it between rooms with wooden walls, water pipes, or wet walls, well wifi lose connectivity, and uncomplete data pakages. 5ghz is great within 15 feet range (without wall between it) outside it does not even connect or is unstable.

    glass fibre
    *all above but set into a extra router.
    *put a great router between your modem, switch off wifi on modem and let the router handle it. most broadband routers cant handle these speeds wich result in stuttering iptv, mobile devices not connecting. with a great router set in HDCP and QoS (most of the time not even neccesary) it gives the most stable connection.

    the nvidia shields specs are awesome, most of the time it is just plain and simple internet setup, but most people don't no anything about this connectivity setups and complaining about it.

    ofcourse there a rubbish devices with fake memory, 4k not playing on 60hz, apps being closed etc etc(watch out for those on aliexpress or amazone most are cloned or fake)but the shield does not have any of this, its your shitty internet setup/ or connection. you can test this on 1080p and see for yourself 99% work flawless in this format, but 4k use just more data bandwitdth, and is depending on a more stable connection.

    set it up wireless for a friend with only 50mbps connection and 4 devices, works flawless.
    but best is to wire it always

  4. I'm looking for a streaming box that will run Jailbreak apps like Cinema free, kodi, streamio. I have a a firestick 4k and it works but not great. It want play 4k stream 1080 only. You have to turn off hardware acceleration or it will stretch the image in streamio.

  5. reading these comments I regret somewhat buying firestick 4k. Should have picked up shield. Reason is I have 70-80 arcade games that never get bored of and the stick doesnt quiet cut it with bluetooth controller use and some games very laggy. But great for streaming and who uses netflix or prime when you have IPTV?

  6. I have a SHIELD TV PRO 2019 and am thoroughly disappointed. No matter what I do, it puts out stereo PCM instead of surround, even though both my AV receiver and TV support surround. Heck, even just using optical cable from TV to receiver and streaming from the TV works with surround … yet this expensive android TV set can't handle something as simple as pass through DD 5.1. I'm not even talking about DD+ or DD Atmos. No, simple DD 5.1 is too hard to handle for this box. Utterly ridiculous. No matter the settings I change, the Shield keeps pushing out stereo PCM.
    Another downside is that it refuses to connect with ethernet, only wifi. That same ethernet cable works perfectly with my PS4 yet again, the SHIELD can't handle it for some reason.
    Utter, utter disappointment for such an expensive Android TV box. Will be returning mine to the store.

  7. Hi, would you guys buy a Gaming/Streaming Box with twice the performance of Nvidia Shield, 64GB Internal, Wireless casting to TVs/other devices, Inbuilt Sound (maybe) for about 249$ ? Please do comment your thoughts down… This may become a reality. (Sorry for spamming tho)

  8. Super video
    Your advice:
    Now that this video is about a month old, maybe YOU have had a chance to review the Shield TV Pro!
    Nvidia Shield TV Pro
    Several streaming services??

    As of now we are paying $150 p/m for satellite!
    And I understand that "YouTube TV streaming" is about $65 dollars per month
    Whereas the Shield is a one-time payment of $299.

    Both seem better than the $150 we are paying now.
    Again, YOUR thoughts

  9. Bruh…I think you need to get a couple of MoCa adapters and wire up your shield and anything else you can. Plus for the tube version I got a Samsung 256 EVO sd card from Amazon and added it as device storage and put all the apps I downloaded from the Google play store on to the sd card. To do that you have to enable developer mode (go to settings>about>then click on build 7or 8 times then it is activated). Then go to device preferences and developer options are at the bottom. Click on that and find force allow apps on external. Then you can go to apps click on each app and click on storage send and move that app to sd card. Shield only runs my system apps and now I have plenty of storage space. Runs smooth. For my other shields (non tube) I use the Samsung T7 500 go and same result….super smooth. Wire your devices wherever you can makes a big difference.

  10. Hi need help – have a hard drive full of movies and want to setup a plex media server…Do I go for the shield tv or the pro? I don’t have 4K devices or videos so Mac is 1080p and two streams at once…

  11. Haven't had any of these problems with the "standard" tube shield, I have the AI set to the maximum, fan to quiet, on my WiFi network. Have you applied all the updates, checked your network coverage, interference and Internet bandwidth, latest versions of android apps etc.?


    * TUBE VERSION IS RUNNING 32 BIT ANDROID. – No Dolphin Emulator, No Plex Server, Less Ram, No USB Ports, Etc.

    ANDROID. Can Run Dolphin Emulator, More Ram, Has USB Ports, Can Be Used As Plex Server, Etc.


  13. Listen here fam, i just picked up a shield tv on the cheap (guy was selling units only, and I picked up a ac adapter separate all for under $80 total). Runs great, you cant even buy a comparable juntao wuhan china android tv box for the same price….maybe with fake specs and garbage internals.

  14. 0 issues…had an issue with my 2017 version just recently..contacted nvidia and they replaced it hassle free. So this is probably the worst review and worst advice on the internet ….NVIDIA is still the top

  15. Dude, spend the extra 50.00 and get the pro. You'll have 0 issues. 4k firestick, sucks, buffering, overheating and a list of other issues. The shield pro is the best (Legal) device you can get, worth every penny of 200.00, period.

  16. Hi Lee, first time watching your channel. Appreciate the review on the Tube Shield. I have been a happy Shield owner for years. I own earlier versions of the Shield and Shield Pro. When Nvidia introduced the Tube Shield I was very disappointed. I felt it was a step backwards. I didn’t like the look of the device and the lack ports etc.
    Thanks again!

  17. I have the shield and have no issues I watched your video because I want to order another shield. After your video I decided that since i don't have any of the issues you have I will buy another shield. sounds like you may have a defective box maybe?

  18. Pretty wild issues, never seen them, AI upscaling a major feature well? Maybe some people think so. More like a nice gimmick. No HDMI cable? Guess what, the Shield Pro doesn't come with one either. I'll give you the wifi issues, since I don't use the Tube on Wifi I haven't seen the issue myself. Netflix spontaneously starting, wow that's crazy. USB ports, in a networked world, not really a valid complaint. Kind of in the standard Reddit, Shield Tube haters playbook. You should try and explain why the device actually costs more than a toy like the Fire TV Stick 4K. It's like, lets pick out two real things and a few nitpicks and ignore everything else. Before I would automatically suggest one go with a Fire TV I would have you look at the Tivo Stream 4K as an alternative, instead of the old stand by. Just a suggestion to give your reviews a bit more credibility.

  19. U definitely got a bricked device you should return it, I’ve got 2 shield pro’s and they work perfect I’m streaming 4K hdr content without any issue aswell as full hd with ai working perfect

  20. I've had the shield for a years and never ran into any issues. I get that the android store is limited compared to a smart phone, but there is always a work around. I bought the shield because of it's power. That thing emulates games all the way up to Gamecube and Dreamcast. Even some wii ps1 games. My laptop is to old to get a Microsoft update, so I turned the shield into my computer lol. Mouse/keyboard set up, external hard drive, a USB stick with all my roms. You can do so much with the shield and it's quick. Maybe your issue of upscaling has to do with bandwidth. My Mbps averages around 140. I have the second version shield (2017).

  21. well i have the 500gb version but i have the same internet connection problem as you it keeps reconnecting and also i have a nord vpn on it and when you go on youtube it turns the vpn off so it can play adverts and that is what make me think is to do with the android rather then Nvidia so they can slow down streaming and also that is why they upgrade kodi without asking

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