How to setup Philips Hue lights with Amazon Firestick WITHOUT HDMI Sync box

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This tutorial will show how to sync Philips Hue lights with the Amazon Firestick without buying the $200 HDMI sync box (for free)!

Philips Hue lights are incredible technology, and in 2020, it is now possible to sync the hue lights to your TV to replicate the colours displayed on your TV, but through your lights!

Philips recently confirmed the release of the Philips Hue HDMI sync box that syncs the hue lights to the content that is currently playing on the TV screen, whether that’s through PS4, Firestick, Satboxes and more!

The downside to this, is the HDMI Sync Box costs around $200, so users are looking for ways to sync Hue lights to the TV or Firestick for free, and we have a solution that works perfectly…. to some extent!

Philips Hue offer different style of lights, the most popular are the mains lights, a TV light strip for around the TV, and the Play bars – which are our personal favorite!

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The solution we have will allow your lights to sync with any content that is playing on the Amazon Firestick. This method does not currently work with Netflix due to the built in copyright features.

How to sync Philips Hue lights to Firestick without HDMI sync box?

So, first, you must have all the equipment in order for this to work. To sync your Philips Hue lights to the Firestick you will need;

Now we have all the requirements in place, lets explain the step by step method to sync Philips hue lights with the Amazon Firestick;

Watch how to sync Hue lights to Amazon Firestick

Watch the video found on LeeTVs YouTube channel or follow the step by step guide below.

Download Hue Stream App for Firestick/Android TV

Use the Download button to download Hue Stream App to your device you want to sync with the lights.

Step 1 : Download Hue Stream App and Pair to Hue Bridge

  • On your Amazon Firestick, Use the ‘Downloader’ app, or another browser of choice and enter this URL in the address bar ”
  • Scroll down and find the Hue Stream app and click ‘Download’ button. Continue to download and install the Hue Stream app to your Amazon Firestick.
  • Once installed, open the Hue Stream app, click the bridge icon in the top left corner of the app, continue to press the pair button on the Philips Hue Bridge to seamlessly connect the Hue Stream app to the Hue Lights.

Step 2 : Setup the Entertainment area inside the Philips Hue app

  • Download the Philips Hue app from the Google Playstore, iOS Store, or Windows app store.
  • After connecting the app to the Wireless Bridge, continue to Settings > Entertainment Area and add the lights that will be used to sync to the Firestick.
  • Adjust the light placement inside the Philips Hue app to replicate your current setup around the TV – drag your lights to the position/height and distance from the TV.

Step 3 : Setup the Hue Stream App to sync Hue lights to Firestick

  • Return to the Hue Stream App from Step 1, and ensure your lights are synced with the Philips Hue app by checking they are visible under ‘Placement’
  • Adjust the light intensity depending on your preference, I tend to use Intense.
  • Adjust the Brightness as desired. Watch our video above which explains in more detail.
  • Click ‘Start Streaming‘ button to turn on the light sync – this will need to be enabled every time you boot the Firestick.
  • Note – You will be unable to control the lights through Google Home or Alexa until you click ‘Stop Streaming’ inside the Hue Stream App.
  • Your lights will now sync to the content playing on the Amazon Firestick – It will work with most apps, however Netflix is not compatible unless you watch it through a browser.

That’s it!

you will now have your Philips Hue lights paired to your Firestick which will enable the lights to change colour with what is being displayed on the TV.

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