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Private Internet Access Qbittorrent settings to use in 2019

In this post, I will share tips on how to setup Private Internet Access QBitTorrent settings for secure torrenting with PIA VPN

So, you probably found this post after spending hours trying to find the best Private Internet Access QBittorrent settings.

From what I have seen, there is no real post or website that share the best settings to be able to setup Private Internet Access for Qbittorrent – That’s because not many people are using it to its full advantage!

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So I am guessing you are looking for the best settings to get the maximum speed available when tweaking the Private Internet Access QBitTorrent settings.

How to setup Private Internet Access Qbittorrent 2019

In most cases, the default settings work best for most users which means, that you may not need to tweak the settings at all, but I stumped upon a useful post from the Private Internet Access subreddit that helped me find the best Private Internet Access QBittorrent settings.

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Here are the settings for setting up Private Internet Access QBittorrent in 2019.

This assumes the VPN kill switch is on in the PIA client. This method will also require the VPN client to be running which means you will be connected;

Private Internet Access QBitTorrent VPN Method

  1. Tools>Options>Advanced>Network Interface = “Taredo Tunneling Pseudo Interface” (or whatever)
  2. Tools>Options>BitTorrent>Enable DHT (checked)
  3. Tools>Options>BitTorrent>Enable Anonymous mode (checked)
  4. Tools>Options>Connection>Enabled protocol (TCP only)
  5. Tools>Options>Connection>Port used for incoming connection (set to port shown in the PIA tooltip … doesn’t this change?)
  6. Tools>Options>Connection>Use different port on each startup (unchecked)
  7. Tools>Options>Connection>Use UPnp/NAT-PMP port forwarding from my router (unchecked)

Private Internet Access QBitTorrent Proxy Method

It is believed the VPN client isn’t required to run in the background (so you watch Hulu or Plex) and this is not the recommended method:

Under Tools>Options>Connection>Proxy Server:

  • Type = SOCKS5
  • Port =1080
  • Host =
  • Use Proxy for peer connections (checked)
  • Disable connections not supported by proxies (checked)
  • Use proxy only for torrents (checked)
  • Authentication (filled out)

I hope you found this guide useful in helping you find the best Private Internet Access Qbittorrent settings. If you found if useful, please consider sharing the post and subscribing to notifications!

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