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Refrain Yourself From Chemical Exposure By Using Clear Panel Fume Hood

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In the present days, there are many business establishments which have laboratories. Several health issues crop up when lab professionals work in a laboratory. When the toxic chemicals are inhaled by the laboratory workers, not only people but also your environment gets affected by noxious chemicals. If you are a business owner, then it is your responsibility to make sure that your employees do not get affected by harmful chemicals. Therefore, installation of a clear panel fume hood is imperative in every laboratory for the safety of laboratory workers. Laboratories are found not only in the business organizations but also in several educational institutions. The chances of getting affected by poisonous compounds are high in students. Using a fume hood can be the best option. Fume hoods limit the exposure of harmful compounds in a laboratory. Through a building’s HVAC system, the toxic air is released outside the laboratory. When a panel fume hood is installed inside a laboratory, then you can inhale fresh air. How a fume hood can turn out to be useful for you? Let us try to delve more information about the fume hood in the lines mentioned below.

Keep People Safe By Installing Fume Hoods 

Clear panel fume hoods help the toxic fumes and vapors to release in air. In order to safeguard people from the toxic effects of chemicals and fumes, fume hoods are highly used in various business establishments. If you want to get rid of noxious fumes and chemicals that revolve inside your laboratory, it is best to use fume hoods. Also, keep your workers’ health safe and out of danger by making use of fume hoods. By installing the effective fume hoods, your laboratory workers can work with chemical substances with ease. The odor or fume will not put a negative impact on their health.

Avail Various Types Of Fume Hoods 


Not all laboratories use the same fume hoods. The measurements of fume hoods differ from one another. Hence, you can get countless types of fume hoods which would fit into your laboratory requirements. Various types of fume hoods which are available in the market are chemical fume hoods, ducted fume hoods, canopy fume hoods, ADA fume hoods, ductless fume hoods, extractor arm fume hoods, biosafety cabinets, variable air fume hoods, Low flow fume hoods, perchloric acid fume hoods, radioisotope fume hoods, walk in fume hoods and polypropylene fume hoods.

Follow Safe Fume Hood Practices 

In the past few years, there have been mishaps and accidents in the laboratories while mishandling the fume hoods. When you are using fume hoods, it is best to follow some safety practices which will keep you safe when using the fume hood.

  • Make sure all apparatus are kept far away from the fume hood. The distance should be at least six inches away from every apparatus.
  • While working in a laboratory and with a fume hood, keep a distance.
  • The hood sash should be placed as much closer as possible. Also, make sure that the baffles and hood slots should not obstruct other containers and apparatus.
  • The large equipment which is in the hood should be placed on blocks in order to get proper airflow.
  • Keep your head away from the hood when the chemical substances are getting generated.
  • Before you start working with the hood, you should make sure to replace panels.
  • Inside the hood, you are not allowed to use permanent electrical receptacles.
  • When the flammable gases or liquids are present, do not insert any spark sources.
  • If you feel there is a chance of explosion, then you must use a suitable barricade.

Use And Performance Test Of Hoods

Fume hoods are generally categorized into two types, low flow fume hoods and standard flow fume hoods. You should know to use fume hoods in a correct way in order to avail adequate protection while working in a laboratory. You should operate fume hoods with a sash. If you want to know more about the use of fume hoods, then you should read the information in the laboratory safety manual.

After a clear panel fume hood is installed in your laboratory, EH&S executes a functional performance test to make sure that the hood is operating swiftly and properly. The sound, face velocity, tracking, containment and monitor performance are evaluated during the performance test of a panel fume hood. EH&S will also make note of any problem with sash, light, controls, plumbing, baffles and corrosion.

Choose Panel Fume Hoods Carefully 

Do not make haste in purchasing a panel fume hood unless you have proper knowledge and information. Ensure to get hold of an appropriate fume hood which will support the infrastructure of your building. Before you install or replace the hood, it is necessary to have a proper planning and design in order to prevent future hazards. Get clear panel fume hoods from a professional hood manufacturer.

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