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Samsung is offering to supply Apple and Google with foldable displays

Samsung is offering to supply Apple and Google with foldable displays

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold appears to have a huge crease. Nevertheless, the company believes in its display so much it’s shopping around the technology.

Samsung has been pitching its foldable technology to other companies, according to ETNews (translated), which claimed Samsung has given samples to both Apple and Google. The one delivered to Apple has a 7.2-inch size foldable panel and is perfect for a smartphone form factor.

Keep in mind Samsung has long been a supplier to Apple and other smartphone manufacturers. It makes the OLED screens for Apple’s top-end iPhone models, for instance. Now, it looks like Samsung is hoping to supply foldable displays to the Cupertino giant next, signaling it doesn’t plan to keep its foldable technology a secret and might even pivot to becoming the primary supplier of such technology in the industry.

Samsung can make about 2.4 million units a year right now, but will reportedly scale up to 10 million units a year. Apple, which has been patenting foldable phone concepts and is rumoured to be developing a foldable iPhone, will likely need a supplier that can handle huge orders.

But, luckily for Samsung, it doesn’t look like Apple is ready to launch a foldable any time soon. Next year would the earliest, analysts figure.

Credits to Pocket-lint

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