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Samsung is working on two more foldable phones with entirely different designs

Samsung is working on two more foldable phones with entirely different designs

Those of you who love the idea of the Galaxy Fold but maybe aren’t in love with its design might like to know Samsung is making more foldables.

The company is reportedly planning two more foldable phones with new designs, according to Bloomberg. Samsung’s first foldable, the Galaxy Fold, which is due to launch this spring, features a tablet-like inner screen that unfolds. As for the the company’s next two foldables, one of them is expected to have a large screen around the outside of the device, similar to Huawei’s rival foldable, the Mate X.

The other incoming foldable from Samsung is thought to be a clamshell phone with a smaller external display. The description of this device reminds us of Lenovo’s possible design for a foldable Motorola RAZR. Samsung’s clamshell phone will release first, likely in late 2019 or early 2020, followed by its Mate X-like foldable. Meanwhile, Galaxy Fold will release this April, despite its crease.

It’s worth noting current foldable phones aren’t truly foldable. The Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X, for instance, use plastic polymers, which are flexible but also susceptible to creases running down the middle. This is a huge concern, considering the expensive price tags for these new phones.

Bloomberg is therefore also claiming Samsung is considering offering customers free screen replacements for the Galaxy Fold.

Credits to Pocket-lint

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