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Showbox App not working?? CONNECTION ERROR? Here’s why………

Users report that the ShowBox app isnt working and advises “Connection error, please check your internet connection”

Was ShowBox shutdown? Here are the facts…..

ShowBox not working? (Connection error, check internet connection)

ShowBox is a VERY popular app that allows you to watch TV shows and Movies online for free. Users are hitting Google, asking why the Showbox isnt working. When loading the app the user is presented with a “Connection Error please check your internet connection” and pretty much a blank version of Showbox. Well, it is unfortunate, but it looks like Showbox is yet another streaming APK to be taken offline! 

The Independent says, you can still access the app via the Showbox website and are still able to download the Showbox apk for Android phones or PC, but when opening the app, you will soon see that access to the service is no longer available.


ShowBox apk not working (connection error)…app shutting down like MovieBox?

Since confirmation was given that MovieBox was also taken offline, it seems like ShowBox is following its iOS counter part and jumping ship! This isn’t confirmed as of yet, however it is looking highly likely that a take down notice may be in force. It seems there are other crackdowns happening today, as Kodi No Limits YouTube channel was also removed due to copyright claims and is no longer available.

Whilst speculation continues around the reasons why showbox isn’t working, there may be other cases where alternative download links become available. I urge you not to download alternative versions of Showbox until confirmation is publicised, as to why the app is no longer available. Alternative versions of ShowBox wont fix the issue, as the issue is server end, and in this case, it appears the server is offline.

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Let’s see how things pan out, I’ll be sure to keep you up to date – make sure you click notifications to be alerted of any changes. For quicker updates, please like my Twitter page : HERE

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