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SHOWBOX NOT WORKING ‘Network Connection Error’s NOVEMBER 2018

SHOWBOX NOT WORKING 'Network Connection Error's NOVEMBER 2018

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SHOWBOX not working? ‘ Network Connection error, please check your internet connection’ – here’s why!

So it looks like Kodi No Limits was shutdown, and we look at the question, was ShowBox shut down?

Kodi No Limits was a very popular YouTuber among the scene, it appears YouTube deleted her channel due to too many Copyright Claims. Today, ShowBox also went offline and stopped working with the Message ” Connection Error – Check your internet connection!” This has caused rumours suggesting a take down notice was issued or a deal was reached to remove. Eitherway, its 2 more streaming related content removed! Is the end near from streamers? Let me know what you think!

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  1. Thanks for the update Lee. I've read some of the comments below….being able to watch just about any show and any movie, free of charge, including most recent episodes and releases, is brilliant. There is a part of me that kind of understands The reasoning behind cracking down though. Don't get me wrong, it pisses me off too……but if everyone had kodi and no one paid to watch movies……they wouldn't make them!

  2. showbox always worked great on my end , fuc the rapists over at hollywood and the us government ,cant stand them , wheres the freedom ? tired of them raming there sht down our throats

  3. Offer one I'm glad that they're going to continue doing what they've always done we need more YouTubers like that honestly believe that soon somebody will come out with another platform similar if not just like YouTube and it'll be just like the good old days where you wouldn't have to worry about copyright strikes or any bullshit like that.

  4. YEAH LEE BEEN A SAD DAY FOR SHUTDOWNS. KODI NO LIMITS WAS ONE of my favorite YouTube channels. Hopefully their build will stay up, because that is one of my favorite builds of all. No Limits was my first build I installed when I first started in the Kodi community. As far as Shoebox I never used it. I PREFER Cinema HD AND SILENT GHOST HD. Keep up the AWESOME work. Appreciate all you do brother

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