You should STOP USING SHOWBOX, and here is why…..

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There are so many fake versions of Showbox app’s out there, that the version you are probably using, is likely to be fake because the OFFICIAL SHOWBOX app is STILL offline!

Showbox app has been offline for around 3 months now. The ‘Official’ Showbox Twitter account posted an update to the current issues, with an announcement with the following tweet;

Showbox was always one of the most popular streaming apps for Android or Firestick and is still highly considered the best streaming app to this day.

The issue is, Showbox is not working after all these months, and in light of this, there is a big increase in fake websites, social pages and apps being released, claiming to be the official Showbox – but we will talk about that shortly…..

Working version of Showbox (January 2020)

If you are looking for a working version of Showbox for January 2020, you wont find a link in this post, and here is why…

The only working versions of Showbox that are available, are not from the official Showbox development team. They are from fake websites and developers who are impersonating the real and official Showbox app.

I recently released a video on the LeeTV YouTube Channel that explains this issue in more details, you can watch the video below, or keep reading to learn more!

There is a fake Showbox Twitter account known as @RealShowBoxApp who claims to be the official Showbox page, but it actually is not.

Fake Showbox Twitter account

In addition to this Twitter account, with minimal followers in comparison to the well known Twitter account, they also own the website which is also kicking up a storm on Reddit.

The fake Showbox website offers a working version of ‘Showbox’, which infact is a clone, and other premium features that ask the user to enter their credit card details for a ‘Pro’ version of the app, and other highly expensive features including a VPN.

Here is a snap shot from the Showbox Sub Reddit; links to a website asking for credit card details. from r/showbox

Also an exposing video which showcases how are taking card payments for revenue on the Mr Annonymous YouTube Channel :

Stop using Showbox!

If the above info is not enough to make you stop using Showbox, even though thr official Showbox app is still offline, then a quick Google search should also clarify the amount of impersonations of Showbox itself.

There are so many different websites, social pages and clones of Showbox that it is being extremely difficult to both ensure the authenticity, and safety of using the app.

The Android operating system has many vulnerabilities, and there is a huge number of trojans and viruses targeting Google accounts and Chrome that you could soon end up with your info and data being hacked.

Is it worth the risk of compromising your personal data for an app that is out to make a quick buck, when there are other apps out there that offer the same layout, more content, and more features? Maybe the fact they are free may also help your decision!

What is the best Showbox Alternative for January 2020?

There are many alternatives to Showox app that offer the same content, but with more features.

Many users are switching to MovieBox, CyberFlix, CatMouse and CinemaHD.

My advice is to have a look at some other apps that offer more 4K links, Real Debrid and Trakt Support, and more frequent and regular updates.

Check out the StreamDroid website and look under the Download section for a large amount of popular streaming apps for Android and Firestick.

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