Best VPN for Kodi

The BEST FREE VPN comes at a cost……

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The BEST FREE VPN comes at a cost……

Watch the VPN Video from the LeeTV YouTube channel -The BEST FREE VPN comes at a cost……!

I recently released another VPN review video on my YouTube Channel, which you can find in this post! I post new videos weekly aimed at the latest Tech News, Streaming News and VPN/Gadget Reviews, and this Tech review is no different!.

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Anyway, without going too far off the rails, here is the latest product review/unboxing from my channel!

Watch The BEST FREE VPN comes at a cost……

In this video, I explain why the best free VPN is hard to find. Avoid using free vpns and check the facts!

The BEST FREE VPN are not safe, they track and use (and even sell) your data, activity, and IP etc, they utilise your bandwidth for the wrong reasons, and using a FREE VPN could even result in your IP address being used for illegal activity, as seen with HOLA VPN a while back.

Premium VPN’s like Nord VPN, Express VPN, and Ivacy VPN offer more security, encryption, DNS leaks and much more! For a few dollars a month, I would HIGHLY recommended using one of the best VPN services for streaming, Kodi, Firestick, or Torrenting.

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Use one of the BEST VPN Services in 2019 and protect your online activity with a highly recommended VPN Service (Virtual Private Network).

Always consider using a VPN when streaming on Firestick/Kodi.


NORD VPN (PROMO : leetvtech)



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Hope you found the video useful!

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  1. Good little sneaky promotion for Nord. Nor does not the best VPN service they may not store data but they do sell it though not to anyone who would necessarily care about you or where you're at. But you have to watch out what country are vpns are in. Depending on what you're doing or what you're using the biggest thing in the u.s. is piracy. To give you an idea even college textbooks. I've ordered International editions which are the same exact thing maybe just chapters are switched around but still in English still the same book. I bought an international Edition for $80 when I would have spent over $400 for my in-state counterpart. Oh did I mention it showed up faster than my in State book would have. It's all because of copyright. Hepatitis C the one that has the cure for the 90% average is about $25,000 in the US cost only eighty bucks in Egypt because they didn't allow all the stupid copywriting and patenting.

    Also a lot of people pirate video games movies etcetera. People even pirate programs that they run on there diabetic machines to make them run better. Look at diabetic looping. People have hacked into systems and destroyed copyrights to use these systems a hundred times better than what the medical community allows and these products have been banned fixed up programs change to make harder to hack into. People are still using the 5-year old machines with the programs and are doing much better with handling their diabetes and controlling their lives then the thousands of dollars you could spend following medical advice in the United States

  2. Where's that study? Where's the reference point? I'm not questioning you however many vpns track your data including the ones that you pay for.

    Some may be overseas but you may have to look into which one is protected from your country. Because many have been found to third-party sell your data back to service providers Etc. Usually it's back to somebody doing research on piracy and they're tracking how much your pirating offline. They don't care they just want to know how prevalent it is with people. Well I guess I should say they don't care now.

    Anyway I want to read the study and find out the 25% of vpns that they found not to be storing any data.

  3. Have installed almost 9 free vpn'z and none of them is working perfectly well, to mention a few
    1.Annony tun
    4.Http injector
    5.Web tunnel
    6.your Freedom vpn
    None of the above mentioned works for free.When i have zero data in my account none of them connects.I was hoping maybe you can kindly assist by posting a video atleast of a free vpn that will grant me access even with zero data i will be able to browse and download.From Africa zambia.

  4. Excellent information and yes I am new to your Channel I am only just now hearing about this VPN stuff because my blocking app keeps advertising this VPN or hivpn as it's called for protection which started me to investigate what a VPN is and does and the wrist of using it and the risks of not using it also if owe on free vpns versus vpns with monthly payments

  5. Thanks for sharing brother LEE. FREE VPNS ARE A NO NO. I tried one a while back. Within a few days my ISP told me I had used too much data for the month and had hardly been online. Thank you for alerting others about free vpns. I STRONGLY AGREE DO NOT USE A FREE VPN. THEY DO SELL YOUR DATA. Keep the awesome content coming. Have a great night brother

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