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The Samsung Galaxy Fold appears to have a huge crease in the middle of the display

The Samsung Galaxy Fold appears to have a huge crease in the middle of the display

Samsung has yet to give the press a super close, hands-on look at the Galaxy Fold, and now we think we know why.

The Galaxy Fold has a sizable crease that runs down the center of the display, as noticed by Phonescoop’s editor. PhoneArena spotted it too, and it noticed Huawei’s own foldable, the Mate X, has a slightly bumped display right in the middle as well. To be clear, this is where the spine sits on both phones. We haven’t been able to hold the phones yet either, so we can’t confirm these issues.

One things is for sure, this crease (or bend or whatever you want to call it) seen here is really unsightly. Samsung’s, in our opinion, is the most worrisome. If the Galaxy Fold launches with such a blemish on its screen, then Samsung better not advertise it with a truly flat display. In fact, what’s mostly odd about this development is that Samsung just released a 4-minute video to promote Galaxy Fold. It’s supposed to be our first good look at the device.

Only, if these new spy shots from the press are true, Samsung’s not really giving us an accurate look. We studied its video and could not find a single frame in which the Galaxy Fold has a crease running down the middle.

Let’s hope that’s the case when the phone launches this spring.

Credits to Pocket-lint

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