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Three launches permanent 5G network as part of London Fashion Week

Three launches permanent 5G network as part of London Fashion Week

UK network Three has installed a permanent 5G network in Central St Martins.

It will provide a 5G data connection for use during the world renowned college’s MA Fashion show and beyond.

The show will also embrace mixed reality, with designers’ collections to be viewed by some in the audience on Magic Leap One headsets.

It is being hosted as part of London Fashion Week and will feature Lennon Gallagher, model and son of ex-Oasis frontman Liam. It will take place tonight, Friday 15 February.

The show also works as a tantalising taste of what is possible with 5G and mixed reality experiences in the future, as the superspeed data connectivity will greatly benefit wire-free AR and VR devices going forward.

“5G allows us to deliver next-generation immersive experiences,” said Greg Furber, senior creative at Rewind, the startup behind the augmented visuals that will complement the Fashion show.

“The ultra-fast connection 5G provides enables off device rendering, synchronised experiences, and a whole host of other exciting possibilities. 5G unlocks the full potential of AR, MR and VR.”

A taster version of the mixed reality catwalk show will also be available to members of the public who visit Three’s Oxford Street store from March. It too has a permanent 5G connection.

Central St Martins will subsequently benefit from its new, permanent Three 5G network on an ongoing basis. Its 5,000 plus students will be able to test the benefits in a bespoke, design-focused “5G laboratory”. There they will be able to help develop new 5G enabled technologies, concepts and products.

By giving students access to the next generation of mobile technology, they will be able to push the boundaries of learning, innovation and sustainability to create in a way that’s never been possible,” said Three’s chief marketing officer, Shadi Halliwell.

“This is the first glimpse of the future and, as we progress our roll-out throughout the next year, we will see how it will affect and change everyday life for all our customers.”

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