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Three PAYG customers can get free Xbox Game Pass and other rewards each month

Three PAYG customers can get free Xbox Game Pass and other rewards each month

UK network Three has introduced a rewards scheme for its PAYG customers.

Pay As You Go Rewards include free monthly digital subscriptions and vouchers that can be redeemed against the price of a new phone or headphones.

Partners for the digital subscriptions include Xbox, with its Xbox Game Pass all-you-can-eat gaming platform, Rakuten TV, Hayu, Deliveroo, Headspace and Tinder.

Customers have to earn points to raise up tiers, with each tier resulting in a free digital subscription and/or voucher. Points are earned each time an add-on is purchased, with 10 points for each £1 of credit bought. The rising tiers are reached when certain points totals have been amassed.

Tier 1 requires 750 points and rewards a digital subscription for a month, tier 2 is reached on 1500 points and adds a £10 voucher on top of a subscription. Tier 3 adds a £25 voucher, while tier 4 adds a £75 voucher.

Buying an unlimited add-on automatically rewards the customer with a free month’s digital subscription no matter the tier.

The rewards work through the same Wutuu app for iOS or Android that Three’s pay monthly customers use for their own rewards. Once registered, PAYG users can track how many points they have earned, the tier they are on and what rewards are available to redeem.

You can find out more on Three’s dedicated webpage.

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