TV Zion 4.0 STABLE is NOW AVAILABLE and here is how to download it!

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TV Zion 4.0 STABLE is now available to download for Firestick or Android TV box. You can download the latest version of TV Zion 4.0 in this post!

Download TV Zion 4.0

TV Zion is a VERY popular streaming app for Android TV and Firestick.

TV Zion 4.0 was in beta for the last 2 months, but today we have confirmation that the official stable version of TV Zion is now available to download.

What is TV Zion?

TV Zion is a popular app for Android or Firestick to watch Movies and Shows for free in HD.

TV Zion has a huge library of online Movies and Shows and works well with Real Debrid.

TV Zion 4.0 is FULL of new features and allows easy integration to your favourite channels and easy access to your lists on the Home screen.

TV Zion 4.0 Features

Here are some of the new TV Zion 4.0 Features that you can find in the stable release (February 2020)

If you haven’t heard of Real Debrid, you can watch my Beginners Guide to using Real Debrid which should answer your Questions.

TV Zion 4.0 Changelog

Here are some of the changes you can find in the new TV Zion 4.0 Stable update.

  1. [General] Full code refactoring is now completed, which detaches UI specific code from core app logic. This will allow completely differently behaving UI in different devices i.e (TV and touch devices). A fully brand new UI for TV is already bundled in this release. In the future this will also allow releases in different platform’s (i.e PC, webOS etc). This will also allow for better feature integration and testing in the future.
  2. [UI] Brand new separate UIs for TV and touch devices.
  3. [UI] Custom themes. 5+ preset themes to pick from, more in the future.
  4. [Settings] New UI.
  5. [Settings] Shows fully detailed account status for all accounts.
  6. [Subtitles] New Subtitle search UI.
  7. [Subtitles] Now select (long press) and download multiple subtitles at once. All storage at “Downloads” folder. Players (MX only at the moment) supporting multiple subtitles will automatically detect them in player. In others you can pick subs from Downloads folder.
  8. [Subtitles] Now select multiple languages as preferred language.
  9. [Debrid Suit] Brand new Debrid browser UI.
  10. [Debrid Suit] Open magnet links directly on debrid browser.
  11. [Search] Now supports voice search.
  12. [Search] Search suggestions.
  13. [Search] Some search UI improvements.
  14. [Details] Brand new UI for details.
  15. [Details] Trakt options now visible by default.
  16. [Details] Changing watched/unwatched status of episode/seasons auto-recalculates next episode.
  17. [Watching list] New filtering UI.
  18. [Home] Refresh button to re-render home when required (i.e New home sections, visual settings changed etc).
  19. [Home widgets] Drag home widgets to re-order.
  20. [Links] New UI.
  21. [UI] Brand new Link dialog UI.
  22. [Settings] [Added] Scrape torrents before resolving hoster cached links
  23. [TV] Completely new UI for TV. Now integrates to leanback.
  24. [TV] Android TV channels support. Now add home sections to android home as channels.
  25. [TV] Search directly from Android TV home (Google assistant required; Amazon devices don’t have it)
  26. [BugFix] Selector jumping while browsing movie/show items and fast scrolling

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Download TV Zion 4.0

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Download TV Zion 4.0 STABLE update

Here you can download the latest working version of TV Zion.

The current update is : Download TV Zion 4.0 Stable

Use the download link below to download TV Zion 4.0 STABLE version

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