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Ugoos AM6 Review – Same CPU as GT KING??? (S922X)

Ugoos AM6 Review - Same CPU as GT KING??? (S922X)
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Ugoos AM6 Review – Same CPU as GT KING??? (S922X)

Watch the latest Product Review from the LeeTV YouTube channel -Ugoos AM6 Review – Same CPU as GT KING??? (S922X)!

I recently released another product review video on my YouTube Channel, which you can find in this post! I post new videos weekly aimed at the latest Tech News, Streaming News and VPN/Gadget Reviews, and this Tech review is no different!.

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Anyway, without going too far off the rails, here is the latest product review/unboxing from my channel!

Watch Ugoos AM6 Review – Same CPU as GT KING??? (S922X)

Hope you found the video useful!

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  1. Beelink GT King Pro : the best TV-box gets better! CPU: big.LITTLE Hexa-core CPU (4*Cortex-A73@2.21GHz, 2*Cortex-A53*1.8GHz)
    ,Storage: 64GB eMMc Internal Storage, SDXC Card Support ,excellent heat-dissipation, never worry about buffering and overheat
    4 USB ports, The S922X-H processor has DTS Listen and Dolby Audio licenses.
    Antutu benchmark 127833 (this is the real king)

  2. It's way overpriced with just 2Gb/16Gb compared to the competition and is all too close to the Shield for real consideration. The one light on the horizon though is that Odroid are having issues with the N2 USB ports that hasn't been confirmed as hardware or software issues yet, not to mention Hardkernels 4 WEEK (yes you read that correctly, 4 week warranty) and the Beelink GT king seems to have issues with the ethernet ports that seem to be hardware related, so reliability wise, Ugoos might have a potential advantage.

  3. Another Android box that can't run 64-bit applications yeah it's fast but I want to be able to run 32-bit and 64-bit applications and I don't want to buy a shield because it's too much money and we're due for Brand refresh shortly

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