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Vader Streams SHUT DOWN! Time to be careful….

One of the most popular IPTV services Vader Streams is shut down! It is time you start considering your options…..

Vader Streams just got shut down. If you aren’t aware of who they are, Vader streams was one of the biggest, and most popular IPTV services where users could pay a monthly, quartley, or yearly subscription, and gain access to world wide TV channels, which could be streamed on popular streaming devices like Android TV boxes, Firesticks and Kodi.

Vader Streams Shut Down
Vader Streams Shut Down

IPTV services have definitely risen over the last few years. With more and more people looking to ‘Cut the Cord’ and a growth in the use of ‘third party addons’ on Kodi, providing access to a huge library of Free TV, Free Movies and Shows and allowing its users to watch free sports streams, its userbase exploded as more and more people started hearing about the functions and benefits of using such services.

But, we all things free, comes risks. In most countries, the use of such services, or ability to stream unlicensed content, is illegal, although its users often claim that it is a ‘grey area’, this could not be further from the truth.

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Vader Streams Shut Down

Over the last week or so, there were rumours circulating the streaming scene that the most popular IPTV service, Vader Streams, was about to shut down. Whilst this was just speculation, it now appears, that is exactly what happened.

With shut down of services, comes rumours. There are many rumours and posts suggesting what happened, but here are the facts we know, at this time.

Official Statement from Vader Streams IPTV Service

Here is the official statement released from Vader Streams via their Telegram support group.

“We have no choice but to close down Vader. We can’t reveal much publically, but by now some of you should know through the other means what happened,” 

“We tried everything in our power to avoid this, to avoid any outage, but enough people worked against us.”

Official statement from Vader Streams regarding the Shut Down.

Vader Streams also moved on to say
“We’re going to make sure, no Email, IP, account + reseller name goes to the wrong hands. Everything will be wiped clean and that’s all,” the service’s statement adds, without further detail.

“I understand a lot of clients will be pissed and will dispute [try to claim the money back from the source from which it was paid]. We would appreciate if everyone would take the financial losses we are all going to take, as resellers and direct sellers. But we will also understand people who will want [their] money back,”

Vader streams IPTV shut down. What now?
Vader streams IPTV shut down. What now?

What now for Vader Streams?

Well, since the official statement. They are now asking for donations to ensure the information stored on their server, does not fall into the hands of authorities. But in their previous statement, they assured its users this would not happen. So that leads to further questions.

Many re-sellers, customers, and users of Vader streams are now asking for refunds. The problem is, with an unlicensed streaming service, who would not operate like a typical streaming service, similar to Netflix, or Hulu, it is safe to say, you should expect to accept the loss of the money you have paid. In circumstances like this, with a complete shut down of a service, users should not expect to see any return of money paid.

TorrentFreak stated they have UNCONFIRMED information that suggest’s Vader Streams are part of a large scale investigation, which includes the seizure of service. If this is true, we can expect all hardware, software and access to be handed over to authorities to investigate and pursue legal matters according to losses.

Rise in Vader Streams Alternatives

Since the news that Vader Streams got shut down, you will now see a rise in other services, and competitors, offering discounted prices and promises, in a desperate attempt to gain you as a customer. Whilst some of these may be reliable, it is also safe to state that they may also not be legal.

Take this as a learning curve, and if you are to continue using such services, I recommend not to buying LONG TERM IPTV subscriptions. We see time and time again that services come and go, rename or rebrand, and 9 times out of 10, it is the customer or user that looses out on money when these services decide to shut down.

Why you should buy short term subscriptions

The story around services being shut down, or disappearing is NOT uncommon. This is a perfect example of what you should now consider your options when purchasing long term subscriptions. Often, services will offer long term subscriptions at a cost saving, but if you purchased 12 months of Vader Streams, you have now lost your money, with nothing to show for it.

This may also be the case with VPN Services.

Avoid buying LONG TERM VPN subscriptions.

Avoid buying LONG TERM VPN subscriptions
Avoid buying LONG TERM VPN subscriptions

There are MANY VPN services that offer to protect your identity and IP address when streaming online. But just like IPTV, many are also resellers, and often you will see long term deals that offer a cost saving.

If you stream online, we recommend purchasing a monthly subscription at around $10. Even though you may get a saving purchasing 12 or 24 months, there are also pro’s of buying a monthly VPN subscription, these are;

  • Flexibility – if you are not happy with the speeds, service, or performance of the VPN, you can change provider and try another service. There is no long term commitment when buying monthly subscriptions.
  • Assurance -IF the VPN service decides to close, gets shut down, or finds itself in liquidation, you have the assurance that your money is not wasted, just like cases with Vader Streams.
  • Functionality – You may purchase a long term VPN service at a discounted price, but find that it does not function as expected. For example, some VPN services do not work with Netflix. Buying a monthly subscription ensures that you only waste $10 rather than $100 on a long term subscription.

I am not saying that buying LONG TERM VPN deals are a bad thing. Popular services like IP Vanish or Nord VPN have the popularity and brand awareness behind them which also builds trust. As we know, these 2 services actually own their own servers and are not re-sellers, which is why they offer the fastest VPN speeds out there.

We recommend buying monthly subscriptions to protect your activity, and hide your IP Address from services that may track your activity. Similar to Vader streams, if services are seized or investigated, traces of your IP which also includes your location, will be seized by authorities, and this could be stopped by a simple $10 a month commitment.

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