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Weird and wonderful tech of Computex 2019: All the crazy PC mods and gizmos

Even though Taipei’s Computex show is best known for the commercial launches like Intel’s new Ice Lake processors or Dell’s new XPS 13 2-in-1, there are always some absolutely nuts PC mods and other crazy tech on the show floor. 

Here are some of the impressive and rather unbelievable PCs and other gear we found while trawling round the show floors.

Azza Pyramid Case

If you’re looking for an unusual-shaped PC case, perhaps you’ve just found it. The materials are premium, with tempered glass and sturdy aluminium making for a striking-looking device. The inside of the case has three levels to show off your components at their best – one level takes your motherboard with a fan further up. It’ll be available later in the year. 

Asus RoG Strix XG17 

A portable gaming monitor… but is a 17.3-inch panel really that portable? That leads to many questions, chief of which is – who really needs a device like this? And, if you’re going to take something like this away with you, might not there be a TV where you’re going that you could plug into? Unless you’re in first class, it’s probably too big for the plane, too. 

Asus Prime Utopia 

This futuristic PC is like a Power Mac G5 that’s eaten too much lunch. But it’s not a Mac (obviously) but a blueprint for a future PC. Asus thinks that current PCs have been based around the same standard for far too long – ATX dates back to 1995 – and, while the idea is bang on, you can’t turn around an oil tanker overnight. Well OK, you can, but you know what we mean. The design moves components around the case so they’re better placed and that components such as USB ports are hot-swappable components. 

Bykski water cooled PC

One of the pleasures of Computex is seeing how far people take PC design. This absolutely crazy design uses Intel’s top-end Intel Core i9-9900K and water cools it for maximum performance. Naturally there’s some snazzy lighting to go with it, too. 

Asus Zenbo Junior

We’ve previously heard that Asus was doing a mini robot, but here it is in the flesh – and boasting Alexa voice control, too. It’s got various sensors such as touch control and even sonar – meaning it knows when it’s about to fall off of a table. There’s a 13 megapixel camera and a cute face, too. 

Apex Pathfinder by Brothersmod

This crazy case – themed around Apex Legends’ Pathfinder – has a screen on the outside to let you know when it’s happy. It also lends new meaning to the phrase “built like a tank”. 

Klevv Sphere

Showcasing Klevv’s Cras X RGB memory and Cras C700 RGB SSD, this sphere is probably our favourite PC case of the entire show. We mean, who wouldn’t want this in their home? It’s certainly striking. The top half of the sphere folds upwards for access, too. 

Thermaltake Level 20 KM Studio mod

You can actually buy these 20th anniversary cases from Thermaltake, with a striking multi-section design complete with three tempered glass windows. This particular mod from KM Studio includes a whopping nine fans for maximum cooling.

Enermax Cyber-bike

Yes, it’s what you think it is – a PC in a bike.

Segotep LED extravaganza

This superstyled case – also seen in the main pic above – includes stacks of fluorescent lighting and – as with the Klevv case above, even includes LED lighting on the RAM sticks. It’s a stunner, that’s for sure. 

ElmorLabs Ice Cube

Bringing cooling to a whole low level, this PC is supercooled using liquid nitrogen at -50 degrees centigrade! Because it’s so cool it can run Intel’s top-end Core i9-9000K overclocked to a whopping 5.7Ghz. Might be a little expensive and bothersome to keep running, though.

Zotac Gaming BS Mods Showboxx

This mod showcases a Core i5-based system for more casual gamers. It’s air cooled rather than using any liquid goodness and is based around a Zotac Gaming Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070. 

Bitspower Cap-Ten mod

This crazy submersible-style mod is quite extraordinary, largely based around MSI components. It’s designed to showcase Bitspower’s water-cooling tech, presumably influencing the styling.

Seasonic GGF build

This serene ice white and blue super PC is designed to showcase Seasonics’s Snowsilent power supplies and uses a variety of lit components for the eerie blue-effect including T-Force RGB Ram and like many of these mods use Fractal Design fans. It looks superb. 

Klevv IN WIN

Another super-sized case from Klevv to showcase its multi-coloured RGB RAM and SSDs – the latter has eight small SSDs that light up the translucent lid of the drive. You can set up both types of components to change colour in sync and have rainbow or multicoloured patterns ‘drift’ over the components. Crazy beautiful stuff. 

Bitspower Jengki WMP

This Core i7-based system might have a standard-ish case, but it’s watercooled using the rather Pompidou Centre-like arrangement on the front and, yes, there’s a gun on top of it. As you do. 

Credits Pocket Lint

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