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Weirdest Prime Day deal? Save $170 on these crazy Segway electric hovershoes

There’s only so many times you can get excited about another Prime Day deal. But you know what’s managed to somehow still pique our interest?

These $299 Segway hoverskates. They’re discounted $170 for Prime Day.

Seriously. Who cares about getting $50 off some phone or console. Check out the video below if you want to see something truly innovative. Sure, it’s basically as if a hoverboard and a pair of rollerskates got together and had a baby, and then they got slapped with the Segway look and brand, but still, they’re super fun-looking and we want to buy them at this price. 

Segway first announced its Drift W1 “e-skates” last year, and we somehow forgot about them. They have a space age-like design and black-and-white colour scheme. They also look like they might kill us. We imagine they have a bit of a learning curve to effectively step on them and balance, especially since they don’t have a strap to secure your feet in place. 


But wow. At 36 per cent off, we’re seriously thinking about picking up these futuristic boots. They can run up to 45 minutes on a charge and have a top speed of 12mph. We also love the adjustable RGB lighting and smart balancing feature. They carry a max load of 220 pounds, too, so most people should fit them. If you pick them up, let us know in the comments. 

We’d love to hear how you get on with them! 

Credits Pocket Lint

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