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Xiaomi Mi 9 release date, specs and features

Xiaomi Mi 9 release date, specs and features

The Xiaomi Mi 8 was announced in May 2018, but didn’t make it to the UK until November 2018, when the brand officially launched in Blighty

So it might seem like the Mi 9 comes soon after the Mi 8 surfaced, but it’s nearly a year old – and a year is a long time in the life of a smartphone.

Here’s everything we’ve heard so far about the next Mi flagship phone – but proceed with caution – it’s very hard to verify some of these details, with the volume of leaks much lower than the likes of Samsung.

Mi 9 release date

  • MWC event could see launch

Xiaomi is attending Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2019, a show that now takes on increased significance as the company looks to increase its presence on the global stage.

The press event is scheduled for Sunday 24 February and although there’s no confirmation of what might be launched, the Mi 9 is one of the devices rumoured to make an appearance. We’ve previously heard about the Mi Mix 3 5G and seen that folding phone prototype too, so MWC will give us something.

There’s every chance that there will be an announcement in China prior to the MWC event. It’s reported that new Xiaomi models have passed 3C certification in China.


The Xiaomi Mi 9 has done its turn in concept renders, appearing a couple of times thanks to Ben Geskin on Twitter. These renders show a device that is clearly based on the Mi 8, but you’ll note the triple camera on the rear.

We’re not expecting huge changes from the flagship design. Xiaomi has pushed in a different direction with the Mi Mix 3 – while there’s also talk of a folding phone from the company.

With all that considered, we’d expect the Mi 9 to be rather more conventional – fully prepared for mass volume sales.

In addition to renders there’s been a live sighting of a phone claimed to be the Mi 9 – it doesn’t reveal too much of what’s to come. Again, there’s no fingerprint sensor on the rear, suggesting it will be in the display.

mi 9 

Mi 9 hardware specs

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, 6GB RAM
  • 24W fast charging probable
  • In-display fingerprint scanner
  • 6.4-inch AMOLED display

There’s every reason to believe that the Xiaomi Mi 9 will run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. Since the launch of that platform in December 2018 there have been few announcements, but we believe that Mobile World Congress will see many – with Xiaomi kicking off the action.

The RAM hasn’t been confirmed, but we suspect there may be several configurations available. It might offer 6 or 8GB RAM, but also likely to see 64 or 128GB storage choices.

One thing that’s probably closer to certainty is faster charging. The Mi 8 offers Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+, but only comes with a QC3 charger in the box – and that’s going to be bettered. Taking to Weibo, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun confirmed as much. With battery life being one of the relative weaknesses of the Mi 8, the bigger the better for Mi 9 – currently there’s little to confirm the capacity.

We’re also pretty certain that the Mi 9 will adopt the in-display fingerprint scanner of the Mi 8 Pro. That certainly looks to be the case from the leaked wild photo, while we expect that display to again be a 6.4-inch AMOLED – currently there’s little to go on with regards to these specs.

Mi 9 cameras

  • 48-megapixel camera potential
  • Three rear cameras

The Mi 9 might follow the Redmi Note 7 in offering a 48-megapixel rear camera, but the biggest rumour is that it will offer a three-camera system. That’s pictured in the concepts and that appears to be the case for the leaked live image too. 

Previous devices have a dual camera system, pairing 12-megapixel sensors for a 2x zoom option. The third camera might add wide angle, or it might just be a “depth” sensor. We hope it’s the former, so it brings features that need a camera – but with cameras being the focus for so many phones, we expect the Mi 9 to step things up in this area.

Xiaomi Mi 9 software

It’s expected that the Mi 9 will launch with Android 9 Pie – which is on the Mi 8 – as well as MIUI 10. We’d expect this to very much reflect the experience of the Mi Mix 3 and Mi 8.

With a new wave of phones there’s potential for MIUI 11, although this is not expected to land until the second half of 2019.

We will of course keep you updated with all the news surrounding the Xiaomi Mi 9 launch.

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