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Your Android phone is now a physical security key

Your Android phone is now a physical security key

Google has made signing into Gmail and its other services as easy as hitting a button on your phone.

It now offers a two-step verification system that uses your Android handset to sign into a Google account on Chrome without the need for a Gmail notification, text message code or use of the Google Authenticator app.

When prompted, you just double-tap the volume key on your phone (Android 7.0 and above) and it will automatically sign into the account you are trying to access.

The new security system uses Bluetooth to work, so does require a Chromebook, PC or Mac with Bluetooth support. You need to ensure that Bluetooth is also enabled on your smartphone.

You also need to add the security key to your Android device, which you can do by visiting this address on your handset. You also need to have switched on 2-Step Verification on your Google account.

Then, when you next sign into your account through Chrome, you enter your username and password and you’ll get a notification on your phone to approve login. Sorted.

It is unlikely that Google will also extend a similar feature to iOS, considering it works at operating system level. Apple might do something similar in future, however. After all, it already allows Apple Watch users to unlock their iMacs or MacBooks by pairing their smartwatches.

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